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JAPAN, 1854. 447 Aurionm IV. Those shipwrecked persons and other citizens of the United States Shipwreoked sha!1 be free as in other countries, and not subjected to coniinement, p¤¤<>¤¤· but shall be amenable to just laws. Anrxcms V. Shipwrecked men and other citizens of the United States, tempora- Citizens of the rily living at Simoda and Hakodade, shall not be subject to such restric- United Stews at tions and conlinement as the Dutch and Chinese are at Nagasaki, but §‘"{°d° '*“d H“k°‘ shall heiree at Simoda to go where they please within the limits of °°°' seven Japanese miles (or ri) from a small island in the harbor of Simoda, marked on the accompanying chart hereto appended; and shall in like manner be free to go where they please at Hakodade, within limits to be defined after the visit of the United States squadron to that place. ARTICLE VI. If therebe any other sort of goods wanted, or any business which p.,m,,mi,,,, M shall require to be arranged, there shall be careful deliberation between to things wanted. the parties in order to settle such matters. Anrrcm VII. It is agreed that ships of the United States resorting to the ports Trade at open open to them permitted to exchange gold and silver coin and POM- articles of goods for other articles of goods, under such regulations as shall be temporarily established by the Japanese Government for that purpose. It is stipulated, however, that the ships of the United States shall be permitted to carry away whatever articles they are unwilling to exchange. ARTICLE VIII. Wood, water, provisions, coal, and goods required, shall only be pro- Summa, ho, cured through the agency of Japanese otlioers appointed for that pur- furnished, pose, and in no other manner. Aurronn IX. It is agreed that if at any future day the Government of Japan shall Future tnvers to grant to any other nation or nations privileges and advantages which gihgnd *° U¤**°d are not herein granted to the United States and the citizens thereof, ° °"‘ that these same privileges and advantages shall be granted likewise to the United States and to the citizens thereof, without any consultation or delay. Aurrcnn X. Ships of the United States shall be permitted to resort to no other tE° ¤`°:·°*`* *° ports in Japan but Simoda and Hakodade, unless in distress or forced ° °' P"' ‘ by stress of weather. Anrrcrm XI. There shall be appointed, by the Government of the United States, U§}¤¤gl]¤ ¤r ¤z¤¤i=¤ Consuls or Agents to reside in Simoda, at any time after the expira- ““ "“ “· tion of eighteen months from the date of the signing of this treaty; provided that either of the two Governments deem such arrangement necessary.