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MEXICO, 1843. 491 comply with the terms of said con nt' d s ' full, but ilnds it inconvenient eithveii tdmpayuthogm pigiiyinilnhety dpgonigsng the said Treasury notes: The President of the United States has, for N°8°*i°*°¤*· the purpose of carrying into full effect the intentions of the said parties conferred full powers on Waddy Thompson, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister oi the United States to the Mexican Government, and the Pres1dent_ot' the Mexican Republic has conferred full powers on their Excellencies José Mama de Bocanegra, Minister of Foreign Relations and Government, and Manuel Eduardo de Gorostiza, Minister of Finances. And the said Ihenipotentiaries, after having exchanged their full powers, found to be in due form, have agreed to and concluded the following articles : Aaricm I. On the 30th day of April, 1843, the Mexican Government shall pay Interest to li e all the interest which may then be due on the awards in favor of claim- Pmants under uthe _00D\;·0&bl0H of the 11th of April, 1839, in gold or silver money, in e city o exico. Anricm II. The principal of the said awards, and the interest accruing thereon, _Paymentofprinshall paid in five years, in equal instalments every three months, °‘P‘1 Md i”*°"°°*’· the said term of five years to commence on the 30th day of April, 1843, [8**** ·*'*’*°’°' af°m88,d_ XIII-XV, treatgscf A HI 1848, pp. 497,4 ] 1am0L1a . The payments aforesaid shall be made in the city of Mexico to such Payments, new person as the United States may authorize to receive them, in gold or ¤¤dl Wh•*° *0 ‘*° silver money. But no circulation, export, nor other duties shall be "‘“‘ °‘ charged thereon; and the Mexican Government takes the risk, charges, and expenses of the transportation of the money to the city of Vera ruz. Aumenn IV. The Mexican Government hereby solemnlypledges the proceeds of Mcxiw {pledges the direct taxes of the Mexican Republic for the payment of the instal- M° ° d"°°* ments and interest aforesaid, but it is understood that whilst no other _ ' fund is thus specifically hypothecated, the Government of the United' States, by accepting this pledge, does not incur any obligation to look for payment of those instalments and interest to that fund alone. Anmom V. As this new arrangement, which is entered into for the acconimoda- _Ifayment of antion of Mexico, will involve additional charges of freight, commission, d¤°¤°¤¤l¤l¤¤`c¤¤· Etc., the Government of Mexico hereby agrees to add two and a half per centum to each of the aforesaid payments on account of said charges. ARTICLE VI. A new convention shall be entered into for the settlement of all mflgizuwnvcagp: claims of the Government and citizens of the United States against the ‘ Republic of Mexico, which were not iinally decided by the late commission which met in the city of Washington, and of all claims of the Government and citizens of Mexico against the United States. Aizrrom VII. The ratiilcaticns of this convention shall be exchanged at Washing R¤¢i6<=¤ti¤¤¤· · ton within three months after date thereof, provided it shall arrive at