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MEXICO, 1848. 499 lation, which they may know of, or ma have reason su n give to such authorities all the aid in their power withoreggprdcishgereimtii and every such attempt, when duly proved and established by sentence of a competent tribunal, shall be punished by the confiscation of the property so attempted to be fraudulently introduced. Anrrcnn XIX. With respect to all merchandise, elfect and ro e whatsoever Merchandise imimported into ports of Mexico whilst in theoccupgtioln lottythe forces of P¤1‘¤¤d *11*0 Mmthe United States, whether by citizens of either republic, or by citizens °“” P°"“* &°‘ or subjects of any neutral nation, the following rules shall be observed: 1. All such merchandise, effects, and property, if imported previously Pr¤vi¤¤¤t¤ Newto the restoration of the custom-houses to the Mexican authorities, as “*°i°“ °f “‘° °“" stipulated for in the third article of this treaty, shall be exempt from *°m`h°°°°°‘ coniiscatiou, although the importation of the same be prohibited by the Mexican tariiil 2. The same perfect exemption shall be enjoyed by all such merchan- Subsequently to dise, elfects, and property, imported subsequently to the restoration of ¢°¤*°¤**>i°¤· the custom-houses, and previously to the sixty days fixed in the following article for the coming into force of the Mexican tarilf at such ports respectively; the said merchandise, effects, and property being, however, at the time of their importation, subject to the payment of duties, as provided for in the said following article. 3. All merchandise, edects, and property described in the two rules B¤¤¤¤i¤i}¤z M foregoing shall, during their continuance at the place of importation, lll“"°d;’: ““P°"“·‘ and upon their leaving such place for the interior, be exempt from all l°°’ ' duty, tax, or impost of every kind, under whatsoever title or denomination. Nor shall they be there subjected to any charge whatsoever upon the sale thereof. L All merchandise, effects, and property, described in the first and ,R° m,° *51*; P° second rules, which shall have been removed to any place in the interior Q2)? ° m` whilst such place was in the occupation of the forces of the United ` States, shall, during their continuance therein, be exempt from all tax upon the sale or consumption thereof, and from every kind of impost or contribution, under whatsoever title or denomination. 5. But if any merchandise, effects, or property, described in the first ,B°'¤°t'°d and second rules, shall be removed to any place not occupied at the time §,,“°}’:,'QQ8 °§,?“f}, B by the forces of the United States, they shall, upon their introduction United States. into such place, or upon their sale or consumption there, he subject to the same duties which, under the Mexican laws, they would be required to pay in such cases if they had been imported in time of peace, through the maritime custom-houses, and had there paid the duties conformably with the Mexican tariff. _ 6. The owners of all merchandise, effects, or property, described in R<=¤l¤P¤}°¤* 0* the first and second rules, and existing in any port of Mexico, shall have ”‘“°l‘““d‘°°‘ the right to reship the same, exempt from all tax, impost, or contribution whatever. With respect to the metals, or other property, exported from any Mex- M¤f¤·l¤ Md ¤l¤¤*=¤ ican port whilst in the occupation of the forces of the United States, and P'°P°'°Y· previously to the restoration of the custom-house at such port, no person shall be required by the Mexican authorities, whether general or state, to pay any tax, duty, or contribution upon any such exportation, or in any manner to account for the same to the said authorities. AJu·1oI.E XX. Through consideration for the interests of commerce generally, it is b;`“;',£“”6Tl‘f‘:g agreed, that if less than sixty days should elapse between the date of S,,,,,,,,,, the signature of this treaty and the restoration of the custom-houses, conformably with the stipulation in the third article, in such case all merchandise, effects, and property whatsoever, arriving at the Mexican