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504 PUBLIC TREATIES. Salazar Ylarregui and General Mariano Monterde, as scientific commissioners, invested with full powers for this negotiation ; who, having communicated their respective full powers, and finding them in due and proper form, have agreed upon the articles following: Amuonn I. B,,,,,,.;,,,,. 1,,. The Mexican Republic agrees to designate the following as her true tween Mexico and limits with the United States for the future: Retaining the same dividthe U¤*'*°d S*°'°°’· ing line between the two Californias as already denned and established, [S°° A"*l°I° V» according to the 5th article of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the g,‘f"§y °f 1848* p' limits between the two republics shall be as follows: Beginning in the ` Gulf of Mexico, three leagues from land, opposite the mouth of the Rio Grande, as provided in the fifth article of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo; thence, as defined in the said article, up the middle of that river to the point where the parallel of 310 4T' north latitude crosses the same.; thence due west one hundred miles; thence south to the parallel of 310 20’ north latitude; thence along the said parallel of 310 20’ to the 111th meridian of longitude west of Greenwich; thence in a straight line to a point on the Colorado River twenty English miles below the junction of the Gila and Colorado Rivers; thence up the middle of the said river Colorado until it intersects the present line between the United States and Mexico. Line to be sur- For the performance of this portion of the treaty, each of the two "°5'°d ““d'““’k°d· Governments shall nominate one commissioner, to the end that, by common consent, the two thus nominated, having met in the city of Paso del Norte, three months after the exchange of the ratitications of this treaty, may proceed to survey and mark out upon the land the dividing line stipulated by this article, where it shall not have already been surveyed and established by the mixed commission, according to the treaty of Guadalupe, keeping a journal and making proper plans of their operations. For this purpose, if they should judge it it necessary, the contracting parties shall be at liberty each to unite to its respective commissioner scientific or other assistants, such as astronomers and surveyors, whose concurrence shall not be considered necessary for the settlement and ratification of a true line of division between the two republics; that line shall be alone established upon which the commissioners may Hx, their consent in this particular being considered decisive and an integral part of this treaty, without necessity of ulterior ratification or approval, and without room for interpretation of any kind by either of the parties contracting. The dividing line thus e tablished shall, in all time, be faithfully respected by the two Governments, without any variation therein, unless of the express and free consent of the two, given in conformity to the principles of the law of nations, and in accordance with the constitution of each country, respectively. In consequence, the stipulation in the 5th article of the treaty of Guadalupe upon the boundary line therein described is no longer of any force, wherein it may conflict with that here established, the said line being considered annulled and abolished wherever it may not coincide with the present, and in the same manner remaining in full force where in accordance with the same. Artcrrcma II. Qlili g ations of The Government of Mexico hereby releases the United States from

 8****** ’°· all liability on account of the obligations contained in the eleventh arti-

[8,,,, ,,.,,,,,6 XL cle of the treaty ot Guadalupe Hidalgo; and the said article and the muy of 1848, p, thirty-third article of the treaty of amity, commerce, and navigaitllm 496: also, Article between the United States of America and the United Mexican SNMJBS, X’$Xm· “`°"'*Y °f concluded at Mexico on the fifth da of A ril 1831 are hereb abl‘0· 1s.:1,p.4s4.] gated Y P · » Y