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MEXICO, 1853. 505 Ancrromr III. in consideration of the foregoing stipulations, the Government of the Mexico to be United States agrees to payto the Government of Mexico, in the citv Pm *°¤ ¤*mi°¤ of New York, the sum of ten millions of dollars, of which seven millions d°u°"‘ shall be paid immediately upon the exchange of the ratiilcations of this treaty, and the remaining three millions as soon as the boundary line shall be surveyed, marked, and established. Aarrotm IV. The provisions of the 6th and 7th articles of the treaty of Guadalupe Articles V! and Hidalgo having been rendered nugatory for the most part by the cession VIL “"“°Y °* msi of territory grunted in the first article of this treaty, the said articles ”‘"°°u°d‘ are hereby abrogated and annulled, and the provisions as herein ex- 18E%°°_g§°5°y °f pressed substituted therefor. The vessels and citizens of the United F,;,;)` 3,,,,,, B States shall in all time, have tree and uninterrupted passage though the time ii Pm, oda Gulfof California, to and from their possessions situated north of the of Cegforviw boundary line of the two countries. It being understood that this passage is to be by navigating the Gulf of California and the river Colorado, and not by land, without the express consent of the Mexican Government; and precisely the same provisions, stipulations, and restrictions, in all respects, are hereby agreed upon and adopted, and shall be scrupnlously observed and enforced, by the two contracting Governments, in reference to the Rio Colorado, so far and for such distance as the middle of that river is made their common boundary` line by the first article of this treaty, ‘ The several provisions, stipulations, and restrictions contained in the P1‘<>Vi¤i°¤¤ ¤Pg_i· 7th article of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo shall remain in force only gfxo gz, $,*:,,,,6 ‘° so far as regards the Rio Bravo del Norte, below the initial of the said ' boundary provided in the first article of this treaty; that is to say, below the intersection of the 310 47’ 30" parallel of latitude, with the boundary line established by the late treaty dividing said river from its mouth upwards, according to the 5th article of the treaty of Guadaln e. p ARTICLE V. All the provisions of the eighth and ninth, sixteenth and seventeenth A%PlP] *Y$?fi°“I§f articles of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, shall apply to the territory KQ? °°;¤d gvH’ ceded by the Mexican Republic in the tirst article of the present treaty, maiy ,,5 pm, ’ and·to all the rights of persons and property, both civil and ecclesiasti— [sw muy of cal, within the same, as fully and as elfectually as if the said articles 1848, pp. 495-498.] were herein again recited and set forth. Anrronn V1. No grants of land within the territory ceded by the ilrst article of this G¤¤¤¤¤_ of l¤t5;¤l treaty bearing date subsequent to the day—twenty-nfth of September—· ggptgfgggs ;“85‘f,' when the Minister and subscriber to this treaty on the part of the ,,0, ,,,,hd_ ’ ’ United States proposed to the Government of Mexico to terminate the question of boundary, will be considered valid or be recognized by the United States, or will any grants made previously be respected or be considered -as obligatory which have not been located and duly recorded in the archives of Mexico. ARTICLE VII. Should there at any future period (which God forbid) occur any disa- Agro em ent in greement between the two nations which might lead to a rupture of °"'·“° °f W’“`· _ their relations and reciprocal peace, they bind themselves in like man- Xg °§X*}," *;:0*2:; ner to procure by every possible method the adjustment of every differ- of 1g48m_ 500.] ence; and should they still in this manner not succeed, never will they proceed to a declaration of war without having previously paid attention to what has been set forth in article 21 of the treaty of Guadalupe for siuular cases; which article, as well as the 22d, is here readirrned.