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BAVARIA, 1868. 45 Reciprocally, citizens of the United States of America who have become or shall become, naturalized citizens of Bavaria, and shall have resided umuterruptedly within Bavaria five years, shall be held by the United States to be Bavarian citizens, and shall be treated as such. The declaration of an intention to become a. citizen of the one or the Declaration of other country has not for either party the effect of naturalization. i¤*°¤*l°¤· Anrrcuz II. A naturalized citizen of the one party on return to the territory of the oeeneee eemmie other party remains liable to trial and punishment for an action punish- ted before emigraable_by the laws of his original country, and committed before his emi- **"“· gration, saving always the limitation established by the laws of his [S°° P"°*°°°l·P· original country, or any other remission of liability to punishment. 4G'] Anrrcm (III. The convention for the mutual delivery of criminals, fugitives from Cam,,,,,,,,, of justice, in certain cases, concluded between the United States on the 1853 remains in one part, and Bavaria on the other part, the twelfth day of September, f°'°°· one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three, remains in force without [8* PP·‘”·“·] change. Anrrcrm IV. If a Bavarian, naturalized i11 America, renews his residence in Bavaria-, Renuncintion of without the intent to return to America, he shall be held to have re- ¤¤°¤*¤h¤¤¤°¤· nounced his naturalization in the United States. Reciprocally, if an [Seo ,,,,,;,.,,,,,1, P_ American, naturalized in Bavaria,renews his residence in the United 46.] States, without the intent to return to Bavaria, he shall be held to have renounced his naturalization in Bavaria. The intent not to return may hm,,,,, ,,0, to m. be held to exist when the person naturalized in the one country resides tum. more than two years in the other country. Anrrcnn V. The present convention shall go into effect immediately on the ex-_ Duration of couchange of ratiiications, and shall continue in force for ten years. It V¤¤¤0¤· neither party shall have given to the other six m0nths’ previous notice of its intention then to terminate the same, it shall further remain in force until the end of twelve months after either of the contracting parties shall have given notice to the other of such intention. Ancrxomn VI. The present convention shall be ratified by His Majesty the King of R·¤fifi¤Mi¤>¤¤· Bavaria, and by the President, by and with the_adv1ce and consent of the Senate of the United States, and the ratifications shall be exchanged _ at Munich within twelve months trotn the date hereof. _ _ In faith whereof the Plenipotentiaries have signed and sealed this S¤g¤¤¢¤r¤¤- convention. MUNIGH, the 26th May, 1868. Date. SEAL. GEO. BANOROFT. _ sun. DR. OTTO FHR. VON VOLDERNDORFF. PROTOCOL. Done at Munich the 26th May, 1868. The undersigned met to-day to sign the treaty agreedupou in conform- P*'°*°°°*· ity with their respective full powers, relating to the citizenship of those persons wlioemigrate from Bavaria to the United States of America, and