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516 runmo crnnrvrins. M OR O O C O. MOROCCO, 1787. January 1787. TREATY OF PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF ————%- AMERICA AND HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY THE EMPEROR OF MOROCCO, CONCLUDED AT MOROCCO JANUARY, 1787; RATIFIED BY THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES JULY 18, 1787. [This treaty expired by limitation fifty years after date of ratification, and was re— newed by treaty of 1836.] .’l’o all persona to whom these presents shall come or be made known : Preamble. Whereas the United States of America, in Congress assembled, by their commission bearing date the twelfth day of May, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-four, thought proper toconstitute John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson, their Ministers Plenipotentiary, giving to them, or a majority of them, full powers to confer, treat, and negotiate with the Ambassador, Minister, or Commissioner of his Majesty the Emperor of Morocco, concerning a treaty of amity and commerce; to make and receive propositions for such treaty, and to conclude and sign the same, transmitting it to the United States in Congress assembled, for their final ratification; and by one other commission, bearing date the eleventh day of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-five, did further empower the said Ministers Pleni potentiary, or a majority of them, by writing under their hands and seals, to appoint such agent in the said business as they might think proper, with authority, under the directions and instructions of the said Ministers, to commence and prosecute the said negotiations and conferences for the said treaty, provided that the said treaty should be signed by the said Ministers: And whereas we, the said John Adams and Thomas J eflerson, two of the said Ministers Plenipotentiary, (the said Benjamin Franklin being absent,) by writing under the hand and seal of the said John Adams at London, October the fifth, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-ve, and of the said Thomas Jefferson at Paris, October the eleventh of the same year, did appoint Thomas Barclay agent in the business aforesaid, giving him the powers therein, which, by the said second commission, we were authorized to give, and the said Thomas Barclay, in pursuance thereof, hath arranged articles for a treaty of amity and commerce between the United States of America and His Majesty the Emperor of Morocco, which articles, written in the Arabic language, coniirmed by His said Majesty the Emperor of Morocco. and sealed with his royal seal, being translated into the language of the said United States of America, together with the attestations thereto annexed, are in the following words, to wit: [norm. san.] h1?¤M<> MMI fri¤¤d· In the name of Almighty God. “ 'P· This_1s a treaty of peace and friendship established between us and the United States of America, which is confirmed, and which we have ordered to be written in this hook, and sealed with our royal seal, at our oourt_ot' Morocco, on the twenty-fifth day of the blessed month of Shaban_, in the year one thousand two hundred, trusting in God it will remain permanent.