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520 PUBLIC TREATIES. Ancrronn XXIII. Consulsand their The Consuls of the United States of America shall reside in any sea- P*i*il°S¤¤- port of our dominions that they shall think proper.; and they shall be respected and enjoy all the privileges which the Consuls of any other nation enjoy; and if any of the citizens of the United States shall contract any debts or engagements, the Consul shall not be in any manner accountable for them, unless he shall have given a promise in writing for the payment or fulfilling thereof, without which promise, in writing, no application to him for any redress shall be made. Aacrrcrn XXIV. A .2 M <> ¤¤¤¤t i¤ If any differences shall arise by either party infringing on any of the "‘“’° °f“'“'· articles of this treaty, peace and harmony shall remain notwithstanding in the fullest force, until a friendly application shall be made for an arrangement, and until that application shall be rejected, no appeal shall be made to arms. And if a war shall break out between the parties, nine mouths shall be granted to all the subjects of both parties, to dispose of their eiiccts and retire with their property. And it is further declared, that whatever indulgences, in trade or otherwise, shall be granted to any of the Christian Powers, the citizens of the United States shall be equally entitled to them. Anrrcnn XXV. D ¤ ratio n or This treaty shall continue in full force, with the help of God, for hfty treaty. yg;,u·g_ We have delivered this book into the hands of the beforementioned Thomas Barclay, on the first day of the blessed month of Ramadan, in the year one thousand two hundred. C e rti seats of 1 certify that the annexed is a true copy of the translation made by Thomas Barclay- Isaac Cardoza Nunez, interpreter at Morocco, of the treaty between the Emperor of Morocco and the United States of America. THOS. BARCLAY. ADDITIONAL ARTICLE. Grace to the only God. vessels ofUnited I, the under-written, the servant of God, Taher Ben Abdelkack Ten- $***::3 to b° P'°· nish, do certify that His Imperial Majesty, my master, (whom God pret°° ‘ serve,) having concluded a treaty of peace and commerce with the United States of America, has ordered me, the better to compleat it, [See Article X.] and in addition of the tenth article of the treaty to declare, “That if any vessel belonging to the United States shall be in any of the ports of His Majesty’s dominions, or within gun-shot of his forts, she shall be protected as much as possible; and no vessel whatever, belonging either to Moorish or Christian Powers, with whom the United States may be at war, shall be permitted to follow or engage her, as we now deem the citizens of America our good friends." And, in obedience to His Majesty’s commands, I certify this declaration, by putting my hand and seal to it, on the eighteenth day of Ramadan,* in the year one thousand two hundred. The servant of the King, my master, whom God preserve, TAHER BEN ABDELKACK TENNISH. I do certify that the above is a true copy of the translation made at Morocco, by Isaac Cordoza Nunez, interpreter, of a declaration made and signed by Sidi Hage Taher Tennish, in addition to the treaty between the Emperor of Morocco and the United States of America, which declaration the said Taher Tennish made by the express directions of His Majesty. THOS. BARCLAY.

" The Ramadan of the yoar of the Hegira 1200, commenced on the 28th of June, A. D. 1786.