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528 PUBLIC TREATIES. M U S C A T . MUSoA·r, 1833. S¤I>l=·21»1833· ATREATY OF AMITY AND COMMERCE BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF "‘*"""— AMERICA AND HIS MAJESTY SEYED SYEED BIN, SULTAN 01-* MUSCAT, AND HIS DEPENDENo1ES,00NcLUDED AT MUSCAT SEPTEMBER 21, 1833; RATIEICATION ADVISED BY SENATE JUNE 23.1834; RATIFIED BY PRESI- DENT; RATIFIOATIONS EXCHANGED AT CITY OF MUSCAT SEPTEMBER 30, 1835; PROCLAIMED JUNE 24, 1837. Anrxona I. Perpetual pence. There shall be a perpetual peace between the United States of America and Seyed Syeed Bin, Sultan, and his dependencies. ARTICLE II. Liberty er trade The citizens of the United States shall have free liberty to enter all to 9i°l¤°¤¤ °*` *1*** the ports of His Majesty Seyed Syeed Bin, Sultan, with their cargoes, U'“t°‘1 S°""‘°°‘ of whatever kind the said cargoes may consist; and they shall have liberty to sell the same to any of the subjects of the Sultan, or others who may wish to buy the same, or to barter the same for any produce or manufactures of the kingdom, or other articles that may be found there. No price shall be fixed by the Sultan, or his officers. on the articles to be sold by the merchants of the United States or the merchandise they may wish to purchase; but the trade shall be free on both sides to sell or buy, or exchange, on the terms and for the prices the owners may think iit; and whenever the said eitizens of the United State may think iit to depart, they shall be at liberty so to do; and if any officer of the Sultan shall contravene this article, he shall be severely punished. It is understood and agreed, however, that the articles of muskets, powder, and ball can only be sold to the Government in the island of Zanzibar; but, in all the other ports of the Sultan, the said munitions of war may be freely sold, without any restrictions whatever, to the highest bidder. Aarronn III. Duties payable Vessels of the United States entering any port within the Sultan’S }>JY,;’:l°°§};tg *h° dominions shall pay no more than five per cent. duties on the cargo '“landed; and this shall bein full consideration of all import and export duties, tonnage, license to trade, pilotage, anchorage, or any other charge whatever; nor shall any charge be paid on that part of the cargo which may remain on board unsold and re-exported; nor shall any charge whatever be paid on any vessel of the United States which may enter any of the ports of His Majesty for the purpose of reiitting, or for reireshments, or to inquire the state of the market. Anrronn IV. b D¤ti<>¤ p¤y¤lfi3> The American citizen shall pay no other duties on export or import; 'gnBAm°"°°‘“ °m' tonnage, license to trade, or other charge whatsoever, than the D¤·tl0¤ 'the most favoured shall pay.