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BAVARIA, 1868. 47 The article fourth shall accordingly have only this meaning, that the adopted country of the emigrant cannot prevent him from acquiring once more his former citizenship · but not that the State to which the emigrant originally belonged is hound to restore him at once to his original relation. On the contrary, the citizen naturalized abroad must iirst apply to be received back into his original country in the manner prescribed by its laws and regulations, and must acquire citizenship anew, exactly like any other alien. But yet it is left to his own free choice whether he will adopt that cdhrse or will preserve the citizenship of the country of his adoption. The two Pleuipotentiaries give each other mutually the assurance that their respective Governments in ratifyin g this treaty will also regard as approved and will maintain the agreements and explanations contained in the present protocol, without any further formal ratification of the same. L. s. GEO. BANCROFT. {L. sl DR. OTTO FHR. VON VOLDERNDORFF.