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NETHERLANDS, 1782. 537 all commanders of vessells of war and other armed vessel · i States General of the United Netherlands and the said Ilhgfeclbgtgiltelé of America, as well as to all their officers, subjects, and people, to give any offence or do any damage to those of the other party: And if they act to the contrary. they shall be, upon the first complaint which shall be made of it, being found guilty after a just exo minatiou, punished by their proper judges, and moreover obliged to make satisfaction for all damages and interests thereof, by reparation, under pain and obligation of their persons and goods. ’ Anrrcnm XIV. For further determining of what has been said, all captains of priva~ Captains of pri teers or fitters—out of vessells armed for war, under commission and on V°°°°”· account of private persons, shall be held, before their departure, to give sufficient caution, before competent judges, either to be entirely responsible for the malversations which they may commit in their cruizes or voyages, as well as for the contraventions of their captains and officers against the present treaty, and against the ordinances and edicts which shall be published in consequence of and conformity to it, under pain of forfeiture and nullity of the said commissions. ARTICLE XV. All vessells and merchandizes of whatsoever nature, which shall be Captures by pirescned out of the hands of any pirates or robbers, navigating the high ¤‘¤*¤¤· seas without requisite commissions, shall be brought into some port of one of the two States, and deposited in the hands of the officers of that port, in order to be restored entire to the true proprietor as soon as due and sufficient proofs shall be made concerning the property thereof. Anrxem XVI. If any ships or vessells, belonging to either of the parties, their sub— Wrecked or demjects, or people, shall, within the coasts or dominions of the other, stick =¤8¤d V¤¤¤¤l¤· upon the sands, or be wrecked, or suffer any other sea-damage, all friendly assistance and relief shall be given to the persons shipwrecked, or such as shall be in danger thereof; and the vessells, effects, and merchandizes, or the part of them which shall have been saved, or the proceeds of them, if, being perishable, they shall have been sold, being claimed within a year and a day by the masters or owners, or their agents or attornies, shall be restored, paying only the reasonable charges, and that which must be paid, in the same case, for the salvage, by the proper subjects of the country : There shall also be delivered them safe conducts or passports, for their free and safe passage from thence, and to returne, each one, to his own country. Anrxorn XVII. In case the subjects or people of either party, with their shipping, s Vessels in diswhether public and of war, or private and of merchants, be forced, ¤'¤¤¤· through stress of weather, pursuit of pirates or enemies, or any other urgent necessity for seeking of shelter and harbour, toretract and enter into any of the rivers, creeks, bays, ports, roads, or shores belonging to the other party, they shall be received with all humanity and kindness and enjoy all friendly protection and help, and they shall be permitted to refresh and provide themselves, at reasonable rates, with victualls, and all things needfull for the sustenance of their persons or reparation of their ships; and they shall no ways be detained or hindred from returning out of the said ports or roads, but may remove and depart when and whither they please. without any let or hindrance.