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542 Punmo *rREA·;r1Es. of the said thirtieth parts and tenth parts, shall be regulated according to the tenour of the iirst article of the present convention. Anr1oLE IV. Restitution of The restitution of prizes, whether they may_have been retaken by Prizes. vessells of war or by privateers, in the mean time and untill requisite and sufficient proofs can be given of the property of vessells recaptured, shall be admitted in a reasonable time, under sufficient sureties for the observation of the aforesaid articles. ARTICLE V. Sale of prizes. The vessels of war and privateers, of one and of the other of the two nations, shall be reciprocally, both in Europe and in_the other parts [S“A,,,,,],,XXH, of the world, admitted in the respective ports of each with their prizes, treaty or 1782, p. which maybe unloaded and sold according to the formalities used in 539-] the State where the prize shall have been conducted, as far as may be consistent with the 22d article of the treaty of commerce: Provided always, that the legality of prizes by the vessells of the Low Countries, shall be decided conformably to the laws and regulations established in the United Netherlands; as likewise, that of prizes made by American vessels, shall be judged according to the laws and regulations determined by the United States of America. ARTICLE VL Pd" ’°8'*1**'°”°· Moreover, it shall be free for the States General of the United Netherlands, as well as for the United States of America, to make such regulations as they shall judge necessary, relative to the conduct which their respective vessells and privateers ought to hold in relation to the vessells which they shall have taken and conducted into the ports of the _ two Powers. S*8¤°·*¤*°¤· In faith of which, We the Deputies and Plenipotentiaries of the Lords the States General of the United Netherlands, and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States of America, have, in virtue of our respective authorities and full powers, signed these presents, and coniirmed the same with the seal of our arms. D¤*¤- Done at the Hague the eight of October, one thousand seven hundred eighty-two; JOHN ADAMS. L. s. GEORGE VAN RANDWYCK. L. s. B. V. D. SANTHEUVEL. L. s. P. V. BLEISWYKI, [L. s.] W. 0. H. VAN LYNDEN. L. s. D. J. VAN HEEGKEREN. L. s. JOAN VAN KUFFELER. L. s. F: G: VAN DEDEM,tot dm Gelder. L. s. H: TJASSENS. L. s. NETHERLANDS, 1839. January 19, 1839. TREATY OF COMMERCE AND NAVIGATION BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES —·————- OF AMERICA AND HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF THE NETHERLANDS, 00N- CLUDED AT WASHDTGTON JANUARY 19, 1839; RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE JANUARY 31, 1839; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT FEBRUARY 1, 1839; RATIFICATIONS EXCHANGED AT WASHINGTON MAY 23, 1839; PRO- CLAIMED MAY 24, 1839. Treaty with the King of the Netherlands. _ Contracting pu- The United States of America and His Majesty theKing of the Nether-

  • ‘°’· lands, anxious to regulate the commerce and navigation carried on be-