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NEW GRANADA, 1850. 563 3, The Consuls and their chancellors or secretaries shall be exempt E¤¤¤¤Pti¤¤¤- from all public service, and from contributions, personal and extraordinary, imposed in the country where they reside. This exemption does not comprehend the Consnls or their chancellors or secretaries who may be natives of the country in which they reside. 4. W'h€l1B\’Bl‘ bile [WQSBDCB of Ccnsuls may be required in courts or Testimonyinjm offices of justice, they shall be summoned in writing. dtml P’°°°°di¤S°· 5. In order that the dwellings of Consuls may be easily and generally Flags and inknown, for the convenience of those who may have to resort to them, “’“iP“°““· they shall be allowed to hoist on them the flag, and to place over their doors the coat-of~arms of the nation in whose service the Consul may be, with an inscription expressing the functions discharged by him; but those insignia shall not be considered as importing a right of asylum, nor as placing the house or its inhabitants beyond the authority of the magistrates who may think proper to search them, and who shall have that right in regard to them in the same manner as with regard to the houses of the other inhabitants, in the cases prescribed by the laws. Aarrcrn VL The persons and dwellings of Consuls shall be subject to the laws and C<>¤¤¤l¤ ¤¤¥>5¤¤¤ authorities of the country in all cases in which they have not received °° l““'· a special exemption by this convention, and in the same manner as the other inhabitants. Anrrcm: VII. Consuls shall not give passports to any individual of their nation or Restriction on going to their nation who may be held to answer before any authority, P““P"’“°· court, or judge of the country for delinquencies committed by them, or for a demand which may have been legally acknowledged; provided that in each case proper notice thereof shall have been given to the Consul; and they shall see that the vessels of their nation do not infringe the rules of neutrality when the nation in which the Consul resides is at war with another nation. Anrrcrn VIII. The present convention shall be ratified by the Governments of the Rgtijcgtignl two contracting Republics, and the ratifications shall be exchanged at Bogota within the term of eighteen months, counted from this date, or sooner if possible. ARTICLE IX. The present convention shall be binding upon the contracting parties Duratio n of so long as the treaty of peace, friendship, navigation, and commerce ¤<>¤v¤¤¤w¤- between the United States and New Granada, the ratiiications of which were exchanged at Washington, on the tenth of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-eight, shall remain in force. _ _ In faith whereof we, the Plenipotentiaries of the United States and Signatures- 0f New Granada, have signed the present, and have aiiixed to it our respective seals at Washington, (thedfouatlétday of May, in the year of Date. r rdon hu ndeihthunr an . Ou siszlon. B t 0 Sa g UOHN M. CLAYTON. isnaxni BAFAEL RIVAS.