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570 PUBLIC TREATIES. and property, so long as they behave peaceably, and commit no offence against the laws; and their goods and effects, of whatever description they may be, whether in their own custody, or intrusted to individuals or to the State, shall not be liable to seizure or sequestration, nor to any other charges or demands than those which may be made upon the like eifects or property belonging to the native citizens of the country in which such citizens may reside. In the same case, debts between individuals, property in public funds, and shares of companies, shall never be confiscated, nor detained, nor sequestered. Anrrcrn XII. Protection of the The citizens of the United States and the citizens of the Republie of G¤V¤¤¤¤¤¤¤*· Nicaragua, respectively, residing in any of the territories of the other party, shall enjoy in their houses, persons, and property, the protection of the Government, and shall continue in possession of the guarantees RB,, i0¤B,,,m_, which they now enjoy. They shall not be disturbed, molested,_or ang y' uoyed in any manner on account of their religious belief, nor in the proper exercise of their religion, agreeably to the system of tolerance established in the territories of the high contracting parties; provided they respect the religion of the nation in which they reside, as well as _ _ the constitution, laws, and customs of the country. mgbm °f b'""'!- Liberty shall also be granted to bury the citizens of either of the two high contracting parties, who may die in the territories aforesaid, in burial—places of their own. which in the same manner may be freely established and maintained; nor shall the funerals or sepulchres of the dead be disturbed in any way or upon any account. Anrronn XIII. Vessels seeking Whenever a citizen of either of the contracting parties shall be forced ’°*“g°· to seek refuge or asylum in the rivers, bays, ports, or dominions of the other with their vessels, whether merchant or war, public or private, through stress of weather, pursuit of pirates or enemies, or want of provisions or water, they shall be received and treated with humanity, and given all favor and protection for repairing their vessels, procuring provisions, and placing themselves in all respects in a condition to continue their voyage without obstacle of any kind. Anrxom XIV. Right of tmusit The Republic of Nicaragua hereby grants to the United States, and between A¤l=¤~¤¢-ic to their citizens and property, the right of transit between the Atlantic "ud P“°‘H° °°°‘*““· and Pacific Oceans through the territory of that Republic, on any route _ of communication, natural or artificial, whether by land or by water, X [Sw A rtw! ¤ which may now or hereafter exist or be constructed under the authority . VUL] ot Nicaragua, to be used and enjoyed in the same manner and upon equal terms by both Republics and their respective citizens; the Republic of Nicaragua, however, reserving its rights of sovereignty over the same. Anrroma XV. Neutrality or The United States hereby agree to extend their protection to all such ¤‘°_¤ ¤·>t;°d¤<> M routes of communication as aforesaid, and to guarantee the neutrality 8“""“‘ ‘ and innocent use of the same. They also agree to employ their influence with other nationsto inducethem to guarantee such neutrality and protection. Fm, p,,m_ And the Republic of Nicaragua, on its part, undertakes to establish one freeport at each extremity of one of the aforesaid routes of communication between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. At these ports no tonnage or other duties shall be imposed or levied by the Govern-