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BELGIUM, 1845. 51 common to the citizens and subjects of both arties, res ctiv l · - itously if the concession or favor to such othler State ispgratuitghg on allowing the same compensation or its equivalent if the concession is °°§?"°i§’"“"i-ti. t. I ent er o e con acting parties shall Ia u on oods roIm or ton n from_the soil or the industry of the other party, vghichgmay ble imzpigtled *`°**¤PI:°**3iL¤ a *3 into its ports, any other or higher duties of importation or reexportation P"°°“°'“‘ than are laid upon the importation and reexportation of similar goods coming from any other foreign country. Anrrcnn XVI. In case of shipwreck, damages at sea, or forced uttin -in each art Wrwked ¤r<1¤m· shall aiford to the vessels of the other, whether bglongigg tb the Stath **3**1 "°°°°‘“· or to individuals, the same assistance and protection, and the same immunities, which would have been granted to its own vessels in similar cases. Aaricma XVII. It is moreover agreed between the two contracting parties that the Consuls and vice- Oonsuls and Vice-Consuls of the United States in the ports of Belgium, °°¤¤¤‘¤· and, reciprocally, the Oonsuls and Vice-Consnls of Belgium in the ports of the United States, shall continue to enjoy all the privileges, protection, and assistance usually granted to them, and which may be necessary for the proper discharge of their functions. The said Consuls and Deserters from - Vice-Consuls may cause to be arrested and sent back, either to their V¤¤¤¤l¤- vessels or to their country, such seamen as may have deserted from the vessels of their nation. To this end they shall apply in writing to the competent local authorities, and they shall prove, by exhibition of the vessel’s crew list, or other document, or, if she shall have departed by copy of said documents, duly certified by them, that the seamen whom they claim formed part of the said crew. Upon such demand, thus supported, the delivery of thedeserters shall not be refused. They shall moreover receive all aid and assistance in searching for, seizing, and arresting such deserters, who shall, upon the requisition and at the expense of the Consul or Vice-Consul, be confined and kept in the prisons of the country until he shall have found an opportunity for sending them home. If, however, such an opportunity should not occur within three months after the arrest, the deserters shall be set at liberty, and shall not again be arrested for the same cause. It is, however, understood that seamen of the country in which the desertion shall occur are excepted from these provisions, unless they be naturalized citizens or subjects of the other country. Anrrcnm XVIII. Articles of all kinds, the transit of which is allowed in Belgium, com- ·p,,,,,,;,, duty_ ing from or going to the United States, shall be exempt from all transit duty in Belgium, when the transportation through the Belgian territory is effected on the railroads of the State. ARTICLE XIX. The present treaty shall bein force during ten years_ from the date of D uration or the exchange of the ratiiications, and until the expiration of twelve tm?!- months after either of the high contracting parties shall have announced to the other its intention to terminate the operation thereof; each party reserving to itself the right of making such declaration to the other at the end of the ten years above mentioned; and it is agreed, that after the expiration of the twelve months of prolongation accorded on both sides, this treaty and all its stipulations shall cease to be in force.