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BELGIUM, 1858. 53 sels of the United States in similar cases. This i ° t l~ only to duties levied forthe benefit of the State, bhltoallsdotb £tho(sle(levie)d for the benefit ot provinces, cities, countries, districts, townships, corporations, or any other division or jurisdiction, whatever may be its designation. ‘ ARTICLE III. Reciprocally, vessels of the United States, whether coming from a port Vessels ofUnited of said States or from a. foreign port, shall not pay, either on entering SWQS i¤ P°**¤ of or leaving the ports of Belgium, whatever may be their destination, any B°lg“““‘ other or higher duties of tonnage, pilotage, anchorage, buoys, lighthouses, clearance, brokerage, or generally other charges whatever, than are required from Belgian vessels in similar cases. This provision extends not only to duties levied for the benefit of the State, but also to those levied for the benefit of provinces, cities, countries, districts, townships, corporations, or any other division or` jurisdiction, whatever may be its designation. Aucrromr. IV. Steam vessels of the United States and of Belgium engaged in regular Certain steam navigation between the United States and Belgium, shall be exempt in "°”°]¤ $’X°mP* both countries from the payment of duties of tonnage, anchorage, buoys, fmm dm'"' and light-houses. Arwstoma V. As regards the coasting trade between the ports of either country, the Coasting trade. vessels of the two nations shall be treated on both sides on the same footing with the vessels of the most favored nations. ARTICLE VI. Objects of any kind soever introduced into the ports of either of the No discriminatwo States under the ilag of the other, whatever may be their origin tion in duties on and from what country soever the importation thereof may have been "“P°"’°· made, shall not pay other or higher entrance duties, nor shall be subjected to other charges or restrictions, than they would pay or be subjected to were they imported under the national ilag. Anrronn VII. Articles of every description exported by Belgian vessels, or by those Export d¤¢io¤· of the United States of America, from the ports of either country to any country whatsoever, shall be subjected to no other duties or formalities than such as are required for exportation under the flag of the country where the shipment is made. Amironn VIII. All premiums, drawbacks, or other favors of like nature, whichmay Promiumonirowbe allowed in the States of either of the contracting parties upon goods "”·°k°= &°· imported or exported in national vessels, shall be likewise and in the same manner allowed upon goods imported directly from one of the two countries by its vessels into the other, or exported from one of the two countries by the vessels of the other to any destination whatsoever. Anrronn IX. The preceding article is, however, not to apply to the importation of Salt and fishsalt, and of the produce of the national fisheries, each of the two par- °“[°§é8 Article H tics reserving to itselt the faculty of granting special privileges for t mms, of May 20, importation of those articles under its own Hag. 1863, p. 56.]