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PARAGUAY, 1859. 593 and these two, in case of disagreement, shall appoint a third, said _Sele¤ti¤¤ of umuppomtmcutto devolve upon a person of loyalty and impartiality, with P'"- the condition that in case of difference between the Commissioners in the choice of an Umpire, the diplomatic representatives of Russia and Prussia, accredited to the Government of the United States of America, at the city of Washington, may select such Umpire. _ The two Commissioners named in the said manner shall meet in the city of Washingmn to investigate, adjust, and determine the amount of the claims of the above-mentioned company, npon sufficient proofs of the charges and defences of the contending parties. Anrroma III. The said Commissioners, before entering upon their duties, shall take _0¤*h ¤f ¤¤¤¤¤¤i¤· an oath before some judge of the United States of America that they '“°“°"“‘ will fairly and impartially investigate the said claims, and a just decision thereupon render, to the best of their judgment and ability. Anrxcrn IV. _ The said Commissioners shall assemble, within one year after the rat- Meeting or comification of the “ treaty of friendship, commerce, and navigation" this ¤¤i¤¤i¤¤¢¤¤- day celebrated at the city of Assumption between the two high contracting parties, at the city of Washington, in the United States of America, and shall continue in session for a period not exceeding three months, within which, if they come to an agreement, their decision shall be proclaimed; and in case of disagreement, they shall proceed to the appointment of an Umpire as already agreed. Anrrcnn V. The Government of Paraguay hereby binds itself to pay to the Gov- ;‘t¤5Y¤¤¢>¤* of ernment of the United States of America, in the city of Assumption, ‘"' · Paraguay, thirty days after presentation to the Government of the Republic, the draft which that of the United States of America shall issue for the amount for which the two Commissioners concurring, or by the Umpire, shall declare it responsible to the said company. Aacrrcnn- VI. Each of the high contracting parties shall compensate the Commis- Erpcuws cfccmsioner it may appoint the sum of money he may stipulate for his serv- m'“‘°°- ices, either by instalments or at the expiration of his task._ In case of the appointment of an Umpire, the amount of his remuneration shall be equally borne by both contracting parties. _ Anr1o1.E VII. The present convention shall be ratiiied within liftcen months, or Ratincttms. earlier if possible, by the Government of the United States of America, and by the President of the Republic of Paraguay within twelve days from this date. The exchange of ratiiications shall take place in the city of Washington. _ _ In faith of which, and in virtue of our full powers, we have signed srguatures. the present convention in English and Spanish, and have thereunto set our respective seals. _ Done at Assumption, this fourth day of February, in the year of our Date. Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine, being the eighty-third year of the Iiidependeipcle of the United States of America, and the f t - th f th t a a . or y www 0 a 0 mgu y JAMES B. BOWLIN. sun,.] NIGOLAS VASQUEZ. san. n s 1v——38