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54 PUBLIC TREATIES. Anrrcm X. · · Th h` h contractin parties agree toconsider and to treat as Belgian vcgstizmhty of vesseis, fad as vesselsgof the United States, all those which, being pm. vided by the competent authority with a passport, sea—lette_r, or any other sufficient document, shall be recognized, conformably with existing laws, as national vessels in the country to which they respectively belong. Anrrcru XI. Duties on por- Belgian vessels and those of the United States may, conformably with

  • i¤¤!¤_<>f<=¤*s°¤• ¤>- the laws of the two countries, retain on board, in the ports of both, such

‘“““‘“‘K °“ °°"d· parts of their cargoes as may be destined for a foreign country ; and such parts shall not be subjected, either while they remain on board or upon reexportation, to any charges whatsoever other than those for the prevention of smuggling. Aarrcnu XII. W = P ¤ h 0 ¤ ¤ ¤ During the period allowed by the laws of the two countries respectively °h"‘¥°“· &°· for the warehousing of goods, no duties, other than those of watch and storage, shall be levied upon articles brought from either country into the other while awaiting transit, reexportation, or entry for consumption. Such goods shall in no case be subject to higher warehouse charges or to other formalities than if they had been imported under the Bag of the country. Anrrcra XIH. Fever! sisntvd In all that relates to duties of customs and navigation, the two high m;:';f;g;“ contracting parties promise, reciprocally, not to grant any favor, privi- ` lege, or immunity to any other State which shall not instantly become common to the citizens and subjects of both parties, respectively; gratuitously, if the concession or favor to such other State is gratuitous, and on allowing the same compensation, or its equivalent, if the concession is conditional. - . Importation gud Neither of the contracting parties shall lay upon goods proceeding rsexpsrtstion of from the soil or the industry of the other party, which may be imported P*'°<*¤°*¤· into its portsi, any other or higher duties of importation or reexportation than are lar upon the importation or reexportation of similar goods coming from any other foreign country. Anrromr. XIV. w,,,.,;,.,;; 0, dm- In cases of shipwreck, damages at sea, or forced putting-in, each party aged vessels. shall afford to the vessels of the other, whether belonging to the State or to individuals, the same assistance and protection, and the same immunities, which would have been granted to its own vessels in similar cases. Anricrm XV. csnsuls andvice- It is, moreover, agreed between the two contracting parties that the °°¤¤¤]¤- Consulsand Vlce—Uonsnls of the United States in the ports of Belgium, and, reciprocally, the Consuls and Vice-Consuls of Belgium in the ports of the United States, shall continue to enjoy all the privileges, protection, and assistance usually granted to them, and which may be necesmmm,-, from sary for the proper discharge of their functions. The said Uonsuls and vessels. VIOB-CODBDIS may cause to be arrested and sent back, either to their vessels or to their country, such seamen as may have deserted from the vessels of their nation. To this end they shall apply in writing to the