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604 roemo massacres. Anrronn VIII. Disposal and in- The citizens of each of the contracting parties shall have power to h°""“”°° "f P°*" dispose of their personal effects, within the jurisdiction of the other,_by B°°°l *"°pmy' sale, donation, testament, or otherwise; and their representatives, being citizens of the other party, shall succeed to their said personal effects, whether by testament or ab intestato, and may take possession thereof, either themselves, or by others acting for them, and dispose of the same at their will, paying such dues only as the inhabitants of the country H°l*¤ *0 ****1 °°· wherein said effects are shall be subject to pay in like cases. And if, in °"°"‘ the case of real estate, the said heirs should be prevented from entering into possession of the inheritance on account of their character as aliens, there shall be granted to them the term of three yearsin which to dispose of ·the same, as they may think proper, and to withdraw the proceeds, which they may do without obstacle, and exempt from all charges, save those which are imposed by the laws of the country. Aurrom IX. P?°*°°“°“ *° Both the contracting parties solemnly promise and engage to give §,Yg,’f°"° (md Pr°p` their special protection to the persons and property of the citizens of each other, of all classes and occupations, who may be in the territories subject to the jurisdiction of the one or the other, transient or dwelling therein, leaving open and free to them the tribunals of justice, for their judicial recourse, on the same terms as are usual and customary with the natives or citizens of ·the country in which they may be; for which purpose they may employ, in defence of their rights, such advocates, solicitors, notaries, agents, and factors, as they may judge proper, in all their trials at law; and such citizens or agents shall have free opportunity to be present at the decisions and sentences of the tribunals, in all cases that may concern them, and likewise at the taking of all evidence and examinations that may be exhibited in the said trials. Rlgbw of ¤i¤i- And to render more explicit, and make more effectual, the solemn ’°"“· promise and engagement hereinbefore mentioned, under circumstances to which one of the parties thereto has heretofore been exposed, it js hereby'further stipulated and declared, that all the rights and privileges which are now enjoyed by, or may hereafter be conferred on, the citizens of one of the contracting parties, by or in virtue of the constitution and laws of the other, respectively, shall be deemed and held to belong to, and inhere in, them, until such rights and privileges shall have been abrogated or withdrawn by an authority constitutionally or lawfully competent thereto. ARTICLE X. Liberty of can- It is likewise agreed, that perfect and entire liberty of conscience shall ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤· be enjoyed, by the citizens of both the contracting parties, in the countries s_ubject to the jurisdiction of the one and the other, without their being liable to be disturbed or molested on account of their religious belief, so long as they respect the laws and established usages of the country. Rights of burial. Moreover, the bodies of the citizens of one of the contracting parties, who may die in the territories of the other, shall be buried in the usual burying-grounds, or in other decent and suitable places, and shall be protected from violation or disturbance. Anrrcmai XI. N°¤*>¤*l *¤‘¤d°· It shall be lawful for the citizens of the United States of America and of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation to sail with their ships with all manner of liberty and security; no distinction being to be made who are the proprietors of the merchandise laden therein, from any port or place whatever, to the ports and places of those who are now, or here-