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616 runmc rnnyrins. freedom shall be given, as well with respect to the consignment and sale of their merchandise and articles of commerce, as to the purchase of their returns, unloading, loading, and sending of their vessels. The buyer and seller shall have full hberty to bargain together and iix the price of any merchandise or articles of commerce, imported into ·or to be exported from the territories of either contracting party, the regulations (pf commercedestablished in the respective countries being in every case uly observe . Anrrotm XIV. Privileges o f Peruvian citizens shall enjoy the same privileges in frequeuting the P*;"“'“;,"° '.“ u!' mines, and in digging or working for gold upon the public lands situated m °°°° C°’M°""°' in the State of California, as are, or may be hereafter, accorded by the United States of America to the citizens or subjects of the most favored nation. Amrrcm XV. pisposal and in- The citizens of either of the high contracting parties shall have the h°:u*¤¤°° °f P°*· full power and liberty to dispose of their personal property and effects, '° P'°P°’°y‘ of every kind and description, within the jurisdiction of the other, by sale, donation, testament, or otherwise; and their heirs or representatives, being citizens of the other party, shall succeed to their said personal property and edects, whether by testament or ab intestate, and may take possession of the same themselves or by others acting lor them, and dispose of the same at their pleasure, paying such dues only as the inhabitants of the country wherein said effects may be shall be H¤ir¤ to ml M- subject to pay in like cases. Should the property consist of real estate,

  • '*°· and the heirs, on account of their character as aliens, be prevented

from entering into possession of the inheritance, they shall be allowed the term of three years to dispose of the same and withdraw and export the proceeds, which they may do without any hindrance, and witheuttplayaing any other dutes or charges than those which are established y e laws o the conn ry. Anrrcm XVI. Wreckedcr dam- If any vessel belonging to the citizens of either of the high contractmd V¤¤¤¤I¤· ing parties should be wrecked, snifer damage, or be left derelict, on or near the coasts, within the territories of the other, all assistance and protection shall be given to such vessel and her crew; and the vessel, or any part thereof, and all furniture and appurtenances belonging thereto, together with all the merchandise which shall be saved therefrom, or the produce thereof, if sold, shall be faithfully restored to the owners, or their agents, they paying only the expenses incurred in the preservation of the property, together with the rate of salvage which would have been payable, in the like case, by national vessels; and it shall be permitted for them to unload the merchandise and effects on board, with the proper precautions to prevent their illicitintroduction, without exéagtinlilg in suchxpase anaydduty, impost, or contribution whatever, provide same exper e . Anrrcnm XVII. vssssls ssskgsg When through stress of weather, want of water or provisions, pursuit refuge. of enemies or pirates, the vessels of one of the high contracting parties, whether of war (public or private) or of trade, or employed in Hshing, shall be forcedto seek helter in the ports, rivers, bays, and dominions of the other, they shall be received and treated with humanity; sutlicient time shall be allowed for the completion of repairs, and while any vessel may be undergoing them its cargo shall not unnecessarily be re_ quired to be landed either in whole or in part; all assistance and pro_