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PERU, 1851. 617 tection shall be given to enable the vessels to ‘ . place them in a condition to pursue their voyalgbécwighblhltpdbastablg gr hindrance. Antrrcnn XVIII. All vessels, merchandise, and effects, belonging to the citizens of 0¤·1>¢¤¤>¤ by Dreither of the high contracting parties, which may be captured by ”·*°°· pirates, either on the high seas or within the limits of its jurisdiction and may be carried into or found in the rivers, roads, bays ports of dominions of the other, shall be delivered up to the owncrh or their agents, they proving, in due and proper form, their rights before the competent tribunals; it being understood that the claim thereto shall be made within two years, by the owners themselves, their agents, or the agents of the respective Governments. Amuonn XIX. The high contracting parties promise and engage to give full and per- P¤‘•>*>¤¢=*l<>¤ te feet protection to the persons and property of the citizens of each other, P§,"°‘¥“ *‘“° P'°P' of all classes and occupations, who may be dwelling or transient in the ° y' territories subject to their respective jurisdiction; they shall have free and open access to the`tribunals of justice for their judicial recourse, on the same terms as are usual and customary with the natives or citizens of the country in which they may be, and they shall be at liberty toemploy, in all causes, the advocates, attornies, notaries, or agents, of whatever description, whom they may think proper. The said citizens shall not be liable to imprisonment without formal commitment under a warrant signed by a legal authority, except in cases jlagrantis dclicti; and they shall in all cases be brought before a magistrate, or other legal authority, for examination, within twenty-four hours after arrest; and if not so examined, the accused shall forthwith be discharged from custody. Said- citizens, when detained in prison, shall he treated during their imprisonment with humanity, and no unnecessary severity shall be exercised towards them. " Anwxonn XX. It is likewise agreed that perfect and entire liberty of conscience shall Liberty of coube enjoyed by the citizens of both the contracting parties in the countries ¤°*°¤°°· subject to the jurisdiction of the one or the other, without their being liable to be disturbed or molested on account of their religious belief, so long as they respect the laws and established usages of the country. _ Moreover, the bodies of the citizens of one of the contracting parties, R'8b*° °*` *******1- who may die in the territories of the other, shall he buried in the usual burying-grounds, or in other decent and suitable places, and shall be protected from violation or disturbance. Amuonn XXI. The citizens of the United States of America and of the Republic of Nam.; mas, Peru may sail with their vessels, with entire freedom and security, from any port to the ports or places of those who now are, or hereafter shall he, enemies of either of the contracting parties, whoever may be the owners of the merchandise laden in the said vessels. The same citizens shall also be allowed to sail with their vessels, and to carry and traiiic with their merchandise from the port and places of the enemies of both parties, or of one of them, without any hindrance, not only to neutral ports and places, but also from one port belonging to_an enemy to another enemy’s port, whether they be under the jurisdiction of one _ power or under several. And it is agreed that free ships shall give f Free elnpe make freedom tc goods, and that everything shall be deemed free which shall '°° €°°"°· be found on board the vessels belonging to the citizens of either of the