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PERU, 1857. 625 observed by the two parties si nin this conv. . municate to each other the residt org the steps ivulfilghl m;fyMb5eSP:3§b1$0?n the subject. ARTICLE V. The present convention shall be a roved and ratified b '. Retiiicaticns. dent of the United States of America? by and with the adx?ic;hesnd)IcbSii— sent of the Senate of said States, and by the President of the Republic of Peru, with the authorization of the legislative body of Peru and the ratilications shall be exchanged at Wzishington within eighteen months from the date of the signature hereof, or sooner if possible. _ In faith whereof,_the Plenipotentiaries of the United States of Amer- Signatures. ica and the Republic of Peru have signed and sealed these presents. Done at the city of Lima on the twenty-second day of July, in the Dam, year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nftysix. J. RANDOLPH CLAY. 1.. s.] J. M. SEGUIN. {L. S.] PERU, 1857. CONVENTION BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THE July 4, 1857. REPUBLIC OF PERU, INTERPRETING THE TWELFTH ARTICLE OF THE ——;— TRILATY OF JULY 1851, CONCLITDED AT LIMA JULY 4, 18.67; RATIFICA- TION ADVISED BY SENATE APRIL 30, 1858; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT MAY 7, IM58; RATIFICATIONS EXCHANGED AT WASHINGTON OCTOBER 13, 1858; PROCLAIMED OCTOBER 14, 1858. [Terminated with treaty of 1851, under notice by Peru.] Certain doubts having arisen with regard to the interpretation to be Preamble. given to article twelfth of the treaty of the 26th of July, 1851, as to the [See Article XII, goods, other than oil and the produce of their fishery, that the whale- t¤3¤·¤s’ of W5!. P· ships of the United States may land and sell, or barter, duty free, for 61**] the purpose of obtaining provisions and refitting; a concession which, in articles eighty-one and one hundred and ten of the General Commercial Regulations, is not so extensive; and it being convenient, for the advantage of the citizens of the United States employed in the whalefishery, and of the citizens of Peru, who furnish provisions, to tix clearly and definitively, the proper meaning of the concessions stipulated in the above-mentioned article twelfth of the treaty of the 26th of July, 1851, so that while those reciprocal benefits are secured, all and every controversy in the matter may be avoided: The Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United N<>g0ti¤t¤r¤· States of America to the Republic of Pern, John Randolph Clay, in virtue of his full powers, and His Excellency Doctor Don Manuel Ortiz de Zevallos, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Peru, fully anthorized to act in the premises by the Excellent Council of Ministers charged with the Government of the Republic, after having held repeated conferences, and come to a mutual understanding upon the true spirit and extent of the exemption from duties conceded to the said whale-ships in the sale and barter of their stores and merchandise, by article twelfth of the treaty of 1851, which provides : "ARTICLE XII. “ The whale-ships of the United States shall have access to the port Arti ele XI I, of Tumbez as well as to the ports of entry of Peru, and may sail from met! of 1851· One port to another for the purposes of refreshment and refiftlng, and they shall be permitted to sell or barter their supplies or goods, including oil, to the amount of two hundred dollars, ad va.lorem,·for each vessel, without paying any tonnage or harbor dues, or any duties or imposts upon the articles so sold orbartered. They shall be also permitted, R 1v—-40