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(-}3() PUBLIC TREATIES. ARTICLE VIII. Decision, to bg The decisions of this Commission, or of the umpire in case of a differ. final. ence between the Commissioners, shall be nnal and conclusive, and q-ciiiii,i,iii,ii of shall be carried into full effect by the two contracting parties. The ooinmiesion. Commission shall terminate its labors in six months from and including Decision, of im,- the day of its organization ; provided, however, 1f at the time stipupne on pending lated for the termination of said Commission anycase or cases should °¤¤°¤· be pending before the umpire and awaiting his decision, it is understood and agreed by the two contracting parties that said umpire is authorized to proceed and make his decision or award in such case or cases; and upon his report thereof to each of the two Governments, mentioning the amount of indemnity, if such shall have been allowed by him, such award shall be linal and conclusive in the same manner as if it had been made by the Commissioners under their own agreement; provided that said decision shall be made by said umpire within thirty days after the final adjournment of said Commission, and at the expiration of the said thirty days the power and authority hereby granted to said umpire shall cease. Aurrcnn IX. Expenses Ofcom_ Each Government shall pay its own Commissioners and secretary, but mission. the umpire shall be paid, one-half by the Government of the United States and one-half by the Republic of Peru. Auzrrcmr X. R,,_,mc,,,,,m,,_ The present convention shall be ratined, and the ratiiications thereof shall be exchanged in the term of four months from the date hereof. Sigmmmt In faith whereof, the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the same and aiiixed their respective seals. Dam Done in the city of Lima this twelfth day of January, in the year of ouréord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three. CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON. L. s.] Jose G. PAZ SOLDAN. [L. s.] PERU, 1868. Dm 4 186,, CONVENTION BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THE RE- .1.; PUBLIC OF PERU, FOR THE ADJUSTMENT OF CLAIMS, CONCLUDED AT LIMA DECEMBER 4, 1868; RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE APRIL 16, 1869· RATIFLED BY PRESIDENT MAY 3, 1869; RATIFICATIONS EX- CHANGED AT LIMA JUNE 4, 1869; PROCLAIMED JULY 6, 1869. p,,,,,mi,i,,_ Whereas claims may have, at various times since the signature of the decisions of the mixed commission which met in Lima in July, 1863, been made upon the Government of the United States of America, by citizens of Peru, and have been made by citizens of the United States of America on the Government of Peru; and whereas some of such (,0,,,,,;,,,,,;,,,, pm claims are still pending: The President of the United States of America tins. and the President of Peru, being of opinion that a speedy and equitable settlement of all such claims will contribute much to the maintenance of the friendly feelings which subsist between the two countries, have resolved to make arrangements for that purpose by means of a convention, and have named as their Pleuipotentiaries to confer and agree thereupon, that is to say: N0g,,tmm.,,_ The President of the United States names Alvin P. Hovcy, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States of America near the Government of Peru; and the President of Peru