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BELGIUM, 1863. 57 e. The payment of the said proportion shall be made in ten annual installments of equal amount, which shall include the capital and the interest on the portion remaining unpaid at the rate of four per centum. The iirst installment shall be payable at Brussels, on the iirst day of April, eighteen hundred and sixty-tour, or immediatelyafter the Congress of the United States shall have made the requisite appropriation. In either event, the interest shall commence to run on the date of the first of April, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, above mentioned. The Government of the United States reserves the right of auticipating the payment of the proportion of the United States. The above-mentioned conditions for the capitalization of the Scheldt [Soo Protocol to dues shall be inserted ln a general treaty, to be adopted by a conference ******5* °*` Jul! 2*% of the maritime States interested, and in which the United States shall 1863* PP' 60* 61*] be represented. Amucnn V. The Articles I and IV of the present additional convention shall be Duration of conperpetual; and the remaining articles shall, together with the treaty "’“*'°°· of commerce and navigation made between the high contracting parties on the seventeenth of July, eighteen hundred and ilfty-eight, have the same force and duration as the treaties mentioned in Article III. _ _ d The ratincatious thereof shall be exchanged with the least possible R°**¤°°“°°°· e ay. In faith whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the S*8'¤°*“'°°· present convention, and have alllxed thereto their seals. Made in duplicate, and signed at Brussels the twentieth day of May, Daze. eighteen hundred and sixty-three. L. S. H. S. SANFORD. {L. s.] Ch. ROGIER. Declaration annexed to the additional convention signed this day Deolmtion anbetween the United States and Belgium: ¤¤¤¤d· The Plenipotentiary of the United States having required that the Consular conattributions of the Consnls of the United States in Belgium should be- v¤¤¤i<>¤· come the object of farther stipulations, and it having been impracfica- [gee convention ble to complete in season the examination of the said stipulations, it is of •·¤· 5, 186*% l>l>· agreed that the Belgian Government will continue that examination *66*] wah the sincere intent to come to an agreement as early as may be possi e. Done at Brussels, in duplicate, the twentieth of May, eighteen hundred aud sixty-three. H. S. SANFORD. Ch. ROGIER. BELGIUM, 1863. — * F AMERICA AND HIS MAJESTY ul 2e_15e:;. "‘i‘%€’§iltddtitéttetlii"e°F€l:‘£§i&emeetan or Tun souEl.l>T JL DUES, CONCLUDED AT BRUSSELS JULY 20, 1863; RA'[‘lFICA1‘lON ADVISED BY SENATE FEBRUARY 26, 1864; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT MARCH 5, 1864; BATIFICATIONS EXCHANGED AT BRUSSELS JUNE 24, 1864; PROCLAIMED NOVEMBER 18, 1864. The United States of America and His Majesty the King of the Bel- co¤ti-noting poigians, equally desirous of liberating tbrever the navigation of the ¤¤¤- Scheldt from the dues which encumber it, to assure the reformation of the maritime taxes levied in Belgium, and to facilitate thereby the development of trade and navigation, have resolved to conclude a treaty to complete the convention- signed on the twentieth ot May, eighteen hundred and sixtythree, between the United States and Belgium, and have appointed as their Plenipotentiarles, namely: