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660 ensue TREATIES. like case, until the lawful owner may take measures for receiving them. And if question should arise among several claimants to which of them _ said goods belong, tho same shall be decided finally by the laws and H°‘“’ *° "'ll judges of the land wherein the said goods are. (And where, on the °°t°t°' death of any person holding real estate within the territories of the one party, such real estate would, by the laws of the land, descend on a citizen or subject of the other, were he not disqualified by ahenage, such citizen or subject shall be allowed a reasonable time to sell the same, and to withdraw the proceeds without molestation and exempt from all duties of detraction, on the part of the Government of the respective States. But this article shall not derogate in any manner from the force of the laws already published, or hereafter to be published, by His Majesty the King of Prussia, to prevent the emigration of his subjects. ARTICLE XV. D u rat mu o £ The present treaty shall continue in force for twelve years, counting

    • 0***5*- from the day of the exchange of the ratitications; and if twelve months

before the expiration of that period, neither of the high contracting parties shall have announced, by an official notification to the other, its intention to arrest the operation of said treaty, it shall remain binding for one year beyond that time, and so on until the expiration of _ the twelve months, which will follow a similar notification, whatever the time at which it may take place. ARTICLE XVI. Ratineations. This treaty shall he approved and ratified by the President of the United States of America, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof, and by His Majesty the King of Prussia, and the ratifications shall be exchanged in the city of Washiiigton, within nine months from the date of the signature hereof, or sooner if possible. Signatures. In faith whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the above articles both in the French and English languages, and they have thereto aiiixed their seals · declaring, neyertheless, that the signing in both languages shall not be brought into precedent, nor in any way operate to the prejudice of either party. Dam, Done in triplicate at the city of Washington on the first day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty- eight,_and the fifty-second of the Independence of the United States of America. H. CLAY. [L. s.] LUDWIG NIEDEBSTETTER. [L. S. [ PRUSSIA AND OTHER STATES, 1852. _;,,,,,, 16, 1852 EXTRADITION CONVENTION WI'I‘H PRUSSIA AND 0T1—IER STATES OF THE t GERMANIG CONFEDERATION, CONCLUDED AT WASHINGTON JUNE 16, 1852; RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE MARCH 15, 1853; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT MAY 27, 1853; RATIFICATIONS EXCHANGED AT WASH- INGTON MAY 30, 18.53; PROGLAIMED JUNE 1, 1853. Convention for the mutual delivery of criminals, jiigitives from justice, in certain cases, concluded between the United States, on the one part, and Prussia and other States of the Germanic Confederation, on the other part. pmumbia, Whereas it is found expedient, for the better administration of justice and the prevention of crime within the territories and jurisdiction of the parties respectively, that persons committing certain heinous crimes,