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RUSSIA, 1832. 669 the laws and judges of the land wherein the said goods are. And where Heirs to real on the death of any person holding real estate, withjn the territories of °°'*¤*°· one of the high contracting parties, such real estate would by the laws of the land descend on a citizen or subject of the other party who bv reason of ‘ alienage may be incapable of holding it, he shall be, allowed the time fixed by the laws of the country; and in case the laws of the country actually in force may not have fixed any such time, he shall then be allowed a reasonable time to sell such real estate. and to withdraw and export the proceeds without molestation, and without paying to theproiit of the respective Governments any other dues than those to which the inhabitants of the country wherein said real estate is situated shall be subject to pay in like cases. But this article shall not derogate in any manner from the force of the laws already published, or which may hereafter be published, by His Majesty the Emperor of all the Bussias, to prevent the emigration of his subjects. Anrrorn XI. If either party shall hereafter grant to any other nation any particu· Favors granted lar favor in navigation or commerce, it shall immediately become com- *0 ¢>¤l¤•¤ ¤¤·¤i¤¤¤ w mon to the other party, freely, where it is freely granted to such other "°°°‘“° °°"“"°“· nation, or on yielding the same compensation, when the grant is conditional. Anrrcnn XII. The present treaty, of which the etiect shall extend in like manner Durntic rr , ¤f to the Kingdom of Poland, so far as the same may be applicable thereto, :;°{,*fi d°‘°°““‘°“ shall continue in force until the first day of January, in the year of our ° °° ‘ Lord·one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine, and if, one year beibre that day, one of the high contracting parties shall not have announced to the other, by an official notiiication, its intention to arrest the operation thereof, this treaty shall remain obligatory one year beyond that day, and so on until the expiration of the year which shall commence after the date of a similar notification. Anzricnn XIII. The present treaty shall be approved and ratified by the President of Ratification:. the,United States of America, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate of the said States, and by His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias, and the ratiiications shall be exchanged in the city of Washington within the space of one year, or sooner if possible. In faith whereof the respective plenipotentiaries have signed the Signatures. present treaty in duplicate, and affixed thereto the seal of their arms. Done at St. Petersburg the ,,,:3,,,, December, in the year of Grace one Dna, thousand eight hundred and thirty-two. JAMES BUCHANAN. [L. s.] CHARLES COMTE DE NESSELRODE. L. s.] SEPARATE ARTICLE. Dec- 6-18, 1832- Certain rclations of proximity and anterior engagements having ron: _Speoia1 stipuladcrcd it necessary for the Imperial Government to regulate the commer- *¤°¤°· cial relations of Russia with Prussia and the Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway by special stipulations, now actually in force, and which may be renewed hereafter; which stipulations are in no manner connected with the existing regulations for foreign commerce in general: The two high contracting parties, wishing to remove from their commercial relations every kind of ambiguity or subject of discus ion, have agreed that the special stipulations granted to the commerce of Prussia, and of Sweden and Norway, in consideration of equivalent advantages granted