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674 PUBLIC irannmms. RUSSIA, 1868. January 27, 1868. ARTICLE RESPECTING TRADE-MARKS, ADDITIONAL TO THE TREATY OF ————-——·— NAVIGATION AND COMMERCE OF DECEMBER 6-18, 1832, BETWEEN THE E€§§g‘?l’ €§$3l’3D3f§ ;`%"€é‘§§$i§§£OG‘5iN”tiJ1$€é¥ 52.5% €,ti‘§£§$i€i~18€ , .L , ; .1 ADVISED BY SENATE JULY 25, 1868 ; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT AUGUST 14, 1868; RATIFICATIONS EISCHANGEDSAT ST. PETERSBURG SEPTEMBER 21, 1868; PROCLAIMED OCT BER 15, 1 . p,,,,,m1,k,_ The United States of America and His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias, deeming it advisable that there should be an additional article go thte traaty of commercedbetwéelen th)em of tthe 1*% Deptemger, 1(S32, ave or is purpose name as e1r empo en iaries e residen Negotiators. of the United States, William H. Seward, Secretary of State, and His giagasty lthe Empgrperi of alll HE; Russéa? thedPr1vy Co5mL<&1llor,0E1;l)ward e toec , accre 1 as is nvoy x raor inary an in1s r enipotentiary to the United States · And the said Plenipotentiaries, after an examination of their respective full powers, which were found to be in good and due form, have agreed to and signed the following ADDITIONAL ARTICLE. Prot action of The high contracting parties, desiring to secure complete and efficient tmdwmnrks. protection to the manufacturing industry of their respective citizens and subjects, agree that any counterfeiting in one of the two countries of the trade-marks aftixed in the other on merchandize to show its origin and quality, shall be strictly prohibited and repressed, and shall give ground for an action of damages in favor of the injured party, to be prosecuted in the courts of the country ID which the counterfeit shall be proven. Tmdbm Mk S, The trade-marks in which the citizens or subjects of one of the two when, to bg d,,. countries may_w1sh to secure the right of property in the other, must be posited. lodged exclusively, to wit, the marks of citizens of the United States in the Department of Manufactures and Inland Commerce at St. Petersburg, and the marks of Russian subjects at the Patent—Of£ice in Washington. Termination 0 r This additional article shall be terminable by either party, pursuant to A¤‘*¤¤l<>- the twelfth article of the treaty to which it is an addition. It shall be ratified by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the R . . Senate of the United States, and by His Majesty the Emperor of all atificatious. th R ., . . . . e ussias, and the respective ratiticatnons of the same shall be exchangedfat St.bPetersburg within nine months from the date hereof, or sooner 1 possi e. signatures, In faith whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the plresent additional article in duplicate, and aliixed thereto the seal of eir arms. Dato. Done at Washington the twenty-seventh day of J auuary, in the year of Grace one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight. WILLIAM H. SEWARD. [L. S. EDOUARD DE STOECKL. [L. S.