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SIAM, 1856. 699 such portions of the treaty of 1833 as remain uurevoked by this treaty, together with the tariff and regulations thereunto annexed, or those that may hereafter' be introduced, shall be subject to revision by commissioners appointed on both sides for this purpose, who will be empowered to decide on and insert therein such amendments as experience shall prove to be desirable: Aarrcnn XI. This treaty, executed in English and Siamese, both versions having R¤¢l¤¤•¤¤¤¤· the same meaning and intention, shall take edect immediately, and the ratiiications of the same shall be exchanged at Bangkok within eighteen months from the date thereotl In witness whereof the above-named Plenipotentiaries have signed ¤is¤¤·¢¤¤‘¤¤· and sealed the present treaty in triplicate at Bangkok, on the twenty- ninth day of May, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six Dau. of the Christian era, and of the Independence of the United States the eightieth, corresponding to the tenth of the waning moon of the lunar month, Wesakh, or sixth month of the year of the Quadruped Serpent of the Siamese civil era, one thousand two hundred and eighteen, and gis sixth of the reign of their Majesties the First and Second Kings of iam. [L. 8. TOWNSEND HARRIS. r.. s. [1.. s.] [1.. s.] [1.. s.] [1.. s.]' General regulations under whicksnamerleaa trade is to be conducted in H? r•g¤l•· ns. Rmcnnurrox I. The master of every American ship coming to Bang- A¤iv•1• 6f vwkok to trade, must, either before or after entering the river, as may be '°’” "° "°"'P°""°“· found convenient, report the arrival of his vessel at the custom-house at ‘ Q¤¤¤ wd •¤¤¤¤— Paknam, together with the number of his crew and guns, and the port ““"°“· _ from whence he comes. Upon anchoring his vessel at Paknam, he will 1gg;°m“;“°“;3§“· deliver into the custody of the custom-house cdicers all his guns andpp' O2' '] ammunition, and a custom·house ofdcer will then be appointed to the vessel, and will proceed in her to Bangkok. REGULLr10N II. A vessel passing Paknam without discharging her penny {0; vie. guns and ammunition, as directed in the foregoing regulation, will be lation. sent back to Paknam, to comply with its provisions, and will be fined eight hundred ticals for having so disobeyed. After delivery of her gunls and ammunition, she will be permitted to return to Bangkok to tra e. . Rnennnrou III. When an American vessel shall have cast anchor Deposit of ships at Bangkok, the master, unless a Sunday should intervene, will, within P•1>¤¤· four and twenty hours after arrival, proceed to the American consulate and deposit there his ship’s papers, bills of lading, &c., together with a true manifest of his import cargo; and upon the Consul’s reporting hR¤[>°** *° ¤¤¤· these particulars to the custom-house, permission te break bulk will at '“' °“'°‘ once be given by the latter. . For neglecting so to report his arrival, or for presenting a false maui- Penalty for negfest, the master will subject himself, in each instance, to a penalty of 1¢¤¤· fonr hundred ticals; but he will be allowed to correct, within twenty- four hours after delivery of it to the Consul, any mistake he may discover in his manifest, without incurring the above·meutioned penalty. REGULATION IV. An American vessel breaking bulk and commencing smuggling, dw. to discharge before due permission shall be obtained, or smuggling, either when in the river or outside the bar, shall be subject to the penalty of eight hundred ticals, and coullscation of the goods so smuggled or discharged. . REGULATION V. As soon as an American vessel shall have discharged Clearance or vesher cargo, and completed her outward lading, paid all her duties, and ¤¤|•- ' Signatures of Siamese flenipoteutiaries.