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742 PUBLIC TREATIES. Anrronn XX. R=·*iH¢¤’~*<>¤¤· The present treaty shall be ratified by the President of the United States of America, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and by His Majesty the King of Sweden and Norway, and the ratifications shall be exchanged at Washington within the space ot nine months from the signature, or SOOH0f1f po sible, _ _ S*8¤¤°¤*'<=>¤· In faith whereof', the respective Plenipotentiaues have signed the present treaty by duplicates, and have adixed thereto the seals of their arms. . D"°°· Done at Stockholm the fourth of July, in the year of Grace one thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven. J. J. APPLETON. L. s.] G. COUNT DE WETTERSTEDT. L. S.] July 4,1s2v. SEPARATE ARTICLE. Prqvisio ¤ ¤ r¤ - Certain relations of proximity and ancient connections having led to Q§§}";‘§ m’}(fi§1°" regulations for the importation of the product of the Kingdoms of ’ ’ .£, Sweden and Norway into the Grand Duchy of Finland, and that of the [S°°Pp'73B`7`; '] products of Finland into Sweden and Norway, in vessels of the respective countries, by special stipulations of a treaty still in force, and whose renewal formsat this time the· subject of a negotiation between the Courts of Sweden and Norway and Russia, said stipulations being in no manner connected with the existing regulations for foreign commerce in general, the two high contracting parties, anxious to remove from their commercial relations all kinds of ambiguity or motives of discussion, have agreed that the eighth, ninth, and tenth articles of the pressent treaty shall not be applicable either to the navigation and commerce above mentioned, nor, consequently, to the exceptions in the general tariff of custom-house duties, and in the regulations of navigation resulting therefrom, nor to the special advantages which are, or may be granted to the importation of tallow and candles from Russia, founded upon equivalent advantages granted by Russia on certain articles of importation from Sweden and Norway. Effect of article. The present separate article shall have the same force and value as if it were inserted word for word in the treaty signed this day, and shall be ratified at the same time. . Signatures. In faith whereof we, the undersigned, by virtue of our respective full powers, have signed the present separate article, and auixed thereto the seals of our arms. Date. Done at Stockholm the fourth of July, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-seve11. J. J. APPLETON. 1.. s. G. COUNT DE WETTEBSTEDT. {L. S.] SWEDEN AND NORWAY, 1860. March 21. 1860. EXTRADITION CONVENTION WITH SWEDEN A , I is AT WASHINGTON MARCH 21, 1860; RA1‘1F1CA'IId1ONNA)11§¥"IgEDCgi? félélizgliii ·I&%E%?tNé“°£i¤$§tt”i·?*‘wE§§t$*’”§T *°t°*?‘*'*i** ****69* ““‘ CLAIMED DECEMBER 21, 1860. GF N DECEMBER 20’ 18w’ PRO Gonocntion for the surrender of criminals, fugitive: from justice, in cortam cases, concluded .bctwccn the United States and his Majesty the King of Sweden and Norway. Preamble, _ Whereas, it is found ·expedient, for the better administration of justice and the prevention of crime within the territories and jurisdiction