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744 PUBLIC TREATIES. Anrrcnn V. Peliticel <>¤"¤¤¤¤¤ The provisions of the present convention shall not be applied to any “°” ‘“°l“‘?°d· crime or offence of a political character. Anricma VI. Retention of ae. Whenever_ any person, accused_of any of the crimes enumerated in vuwd person to this convention, shall have committed a new crime in the territories ot "“’”°’ f°" 1**1 the State where he has sought an asylum or shall be found, such person °E°°°°°' shall not be delivered up under the stipulations of this convention until he shall have been tried, and shall have received the punishment due to such new crime, or shall have been acquitted thereof. Anzrronn VII. Duration of een- This convention shall not take effect until ten days after its publica- '°¤**°¤- tion, made according; to the layvshof th: r;_>spect1vet{l}o»·1;:(;1meplts. f th lt shall remain in orce unti the en o six mon s a' r Bl er o e high contracting partiles shall have given notice to the other of its intention to terrninatet e same. Rntineatiens. It shall be ratiiied by the President of the United States, by and with gre alnd cogsent of the Sleplate thmeoif, and l;lylHis Magelsty the ing o we en an i orway an e ra 1 ca ions s al e exc anger within ten months from the date of its signature, or earlier if possible. Signatures. In faith whereof, the respectivePlenipotentiaries have signed this convention, and have hereunto affixed their seals. Date. Done in duplicate, at Washington, the twenty-tirst day of March, one thousand eight hundred and sixty, and the eighty-fourth year of the Independence of the United States. LEW. CASS. SEAL. N. W. DE WETTERSTEDT. sEA1.. SWEDEN AND NORWAY, 1869. my 2** ‘*"”· °‘lt‘3‘tlé°t£E¥¥%ié’€"£€;i1—i—?t¥*;%$'E£*tt‘,?TG‘€t%§”.i¢‘f.?i.3££»Bi»`”¥E‘£t NATURALIZATION, CONCLUDED AT STOCKHOLM MAY 26, 1869; RATIFICA- Tl0N ADVISED BY SENATE, WITH AMENDMENT, DECEMBER 9, 1H70; RAT- IFIED BY PRESIDENT DECEMBER 17, 1870; RATIFICATIONS EXCHANGED AT STOCKHOLM JUNE 14, 1811; EXCHANGE OF RATIFICATIONS CONSENTED TO BY SENATE JANUARY 8, 1872; PROCLAIMED JANUARY 12, 1872. Contracting par- The President of the United States of America and His Majesty the ties.; Iiling of Sweden and Norwayyled by the wish to regulate the citizenship 0 t ose persons who emigrate from the United States of America to Sweden an5l$Torway and their dependencies and territories, and from we en an 1 orway to the United States of America have esolved to treat on this subject, and have for that purpose appointed Plenipoten- Negotiators. tiaries to conclude a convention, that is to say: The President of the United States of America, Joseph J. Bartlett, Minister Resident; and His Majesty_ the King of Sweden and Norway, Count Charles Wachtmenster, M\l.llSt»BP.0f State for Foreign Adairs; who have agreed to and signed the following articles: Aarricnn I. Who the b e Citizens of the United States of America who have resided in Sweden gxhmgimggaiufei- or Norway for a. continuous period of at least five years, and during ‘ mich residence have become and are lawfully recognized as citizens of Sweden or Norway, shall be held by the Government of the United