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746 PUBLIC TREATIES. of those persons who emigrate from the United States of America to Sweden and Norway, and from Sweden and Norway to_the United States of America; on which occasion the following observations, more exactly defining and explaining the contents of this convention, were entered in the following protocol: Article 1. I. Relating to the first article of the convention. It is understood that if a citizen of the United States of America has been discharged from his American citizenship, or, on the other side, if a Swede or a Norwegian has been discharged from his Swedish or Norwegian citizenship, in the manner legally prescribed by the Government of his original country, and then in the other country in a rightful and perfectly valid manner acquires citizenship, then an additional Eve years` residence shall no longer be required; but a person who has in that manner been recognized as a citizen of the other country shall, from the moment thereof, be held and treated as a Swedish or Norwegian citizen, and, reciprocally, as a citizen of the United States. Article Il. ll. Relating to the second article of the convention. _It’ a former Swede or Norwegian, who under the first article is to be held as an adopted citizen of the United States of America, has emigrated after he has attained the age when he becomes liable to military service, and returns again to his original country, it is agreed that he remains liable to trial and punishmerr for an action punishable by the laws of his original country and committed before his emigration, but not for the act of emigration itself, unless thereby have been committed any punishable action against Sweden or Norway, or against a Swedish or Norwegian citizen, such as non-fnllllment of military service, or desertion from the military force or from aship, saving always the limitation established by the laws of the original country, and any other remission of liability to punishment; and that he can be held to fulfil, according to the laws, his military service, or the remaining part thereof. Article III. III. Relating to the third article of the convention. lt is further agreed that if a Swede or Norwegian, who has become anaturalized citizen of the United States, renews his residence in Sweden or Norway without the intent to return to America, he shall be held by the Government of the United States to have renounced his American citizenship. The intent not to return to America may beheld to exist when the person so naturalized resides more than two years in Sweden or Norway. JOSEPH J. BARTLETT. [sun. 0. WACHTMEISTER. [sand