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SWISS CONFEDERATION, 1850. 75] Aericnn X. In order the more eifectually to attain the object contemplated in Favors granted Article VIII, each of the contracting parties hereby engages not to *° *****8* ******0*** °° grant any favor in commerce to any nation, union of nations, State, or b°°°""’ °°""“°"‘ society, which shall not immediately be enjoyed by the other party. Ancrwnn XI. Should one of the contracting parties impose difereutial duties upon Differential duthe products of any nation, the other party shall be at liberty to deter- **°**· mine the manner of establishing the origin of its own products destined to enter the country by which the diiferential duties are imposed. Anrrcnu XII. The Swiss territory shall remain open to the admission of articles Freedom of comarriving from the United States of America ; in like manner, no port of ***¤*’¤¤· the said States shall be closed to articles arriving from Switzerland, provided they are conveyed in vessels of the United States, or in ves- ·sels of any country having free access to the ports of said States. Swiss Swiss merchanmerchandise arriving under the dag of the United States, or under that 6***9 **¤·l¤* @*8 <>*` of one of the nations most favored by them, shall pay the same duties U'“°"d S°“"°“‘ as the merchandise of such nation; under any other flag it shall be treated as the merchandise of the country to which the vessel belongs. In case of shipwreck and of salvage on the coasts of the United State , Shi pwreek and Swiss merchandise shall be respected and treated as that belonging to ¤¤**¤·l;¤ 0** <=<*¤¤¤¤ citizens of the said States. °f U“""’“ S“"*“’*’· The United States consent to extend to Swiss products arriving or · Swiss products. shipped under their ilag, the advantages which are or shall be enjoyed by the products of the most favored nation arriving or shipped under the same flag. It is hereby understood that no stipulation of the present article shall in any manner interfere with those of the four foregoing articles, nor with the measures which have been_or shall be adopted by either of the contracting countries in the interest of public morality, security, or order. Anrronu XIII. The United States of America and the Swiss Confederation, on requi- F¥°*"f***°** °‘ sitions made in their name through the medium of their respective Dip- °""""° °‘ lomatic or Consular Agents, shall deliver up to justice persons who, being charged wth the crimes enumerated in the following article, committed within the jurisdiction of the requiring party, shall seek asylum _ -01' shall be found within the territories of the other: Provided, That ct$:1‘}lE;‘°° °f this shall be done only when the fact of the commission of the crime y' shall be so established as to justify their apprehension and commitment for trial if the crime had been committed in the country where the persons so accused shall be foundi · Aarrcnn XIV. Persons shall be delivered up, according to the provisions of this con- mE¤::*`°d* ° *°** vention, who shall be charged with any o the following crime , to wit: ' Murder, (including assassination, parricide, infauticide, and poisoning;) attempt to commit murder; rape; forgery, or the emission of forged papers- arson; robbery with violence, intimidation, or forcible entry of an inhabited house; piracy; embezzlement by public oillcers, or by persons hired or salaried to the detriment of their employers, when these crimes are subject to infamous punishment.