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TUNIS, 1797-1799. 763 T U N I S. TUNIS, 1797-1799. TREATY OF PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF An st 1797- AMERICA AND THE KINGDOM OF TUNIS, CONCLUDED AT TUNIS AUGUST, Marcin2G; 1799. 1797-MARCH 26, 1799; RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE MARCH 6, 1798, ———~————-—- ON CONDITION THAT 14TH ARTICLE BE SUSPENDED, AND FRIENDLY NEGOTIATION ON THE SUBJECT WITH BEY OF TUNIS RECOMMENDED; CERTAIN ALTERATIONS IN 11TH, 121‘H, AND 14TH ARTICLES AGREED TO MARCH 26, 1799. God is infinite. Under the auspices of the greatest, the most powerful of all the Preamble. Princes of the Ottoman nation who reign upon the earth, our most glorious and most august Emperor, who commands the two lands and the two seas, Selim Kan, the victorious son of the Sultan Moustafa, whose realm may God prosper until the end of ages, the support of Kings, the Seal of Justice, the Emperor of Emperors. The Most Illustrious and Most Magnilicent Prince, Hamouda Pach ' Bey, who commands the Odgiak of Tunis, the abode of happiness, an? the Most Honored Ibra.him Dey, and Soliman, Aga of the J anissaries, and Chief of the Divan, and all the Elders of the Odgiak; and the Most Distinguished and Honored President of the Congress 'of the United States of America, the most distinguished among those who profess the religion of the Messiah, of whom may the end be happy. We have concluded between us the present treaty of peace and friendship, all the articles of which have been framed by the intervention of Joseph Stephen Famin, French merchant residing at Tunis, Charge d’At’faires of the United States of America, which stipulations and conditions are comprised in twenty-three articles, written and expressed in such manner as to leave no doubt of their contents, and in such way as not to be oontravened. Amuorn I. There shall be a perpetual and constant peace between the United Peace aeamemx- States of America aud the Magnificent Pacha, Bey of Tunis; and also a drippermanent friendship, which shall more and more increase. Aurrcma II. If a vessel of war of the two nations shall make prize of an enemy’s Itc ¤ tvrntivn vf vessel, in which may be found edects, property, and subjects of the two °“"J°"“’ ”·“d ¤"°d“· contracting parties, the whole shall be restored: the Bey shall restore the property and subjects of the United States, and the latter shall make a reciprocal restoration, it being understood on both sides that the just right to what is claimed shall be proved. An·r101..E III. Merchandise belonging to any nation which may be at war with one Enemied goods of the contracting parties, and loaded on board of the vessels of the other, °” "°€“‘§ °ff "‘° shall pass without molestation, and without any attempt being made to I"' '°° ° ° r°°' capture or detain it.