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774 PUBLIC TREATIES. ‘ · ‘ ‘ h true intent and meaning of the high ron. tragihlgpparritiies imgdtisttinction or diiierence whatever shall be nnnlc in this respect. Anrxcnn VI. Privile ofres- The hi h contracting parties engage in regard to the personal privaid¤¤¤¤- gu logos, thx5s the citizens of the United_States of America shall enyoy in the dominions of His Majesty_the_King of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, and the subjects of His said Majesty m the_Un1ted States of America, that they shall have free and undoubted r1ght_to travel and to reside in the States of the twe high contracting parties, subject to the same precautions of police which are practiced towards the subjects or citizens of the most favoured nations. _ They shall be entitled to oc- P'°P°°*l nd in' cupy dwellings and warehouses, and to dispose of their personal proph°“Jf"“°° Q.; P"' erty of every kind and description, by sale, gift, exchange, will, or in mu pmpc y` any other way whatever, without the smallest hindrance or obstacle; and their heirs or representatives, being subjects or citizens of the other high contracting party, shall succeed to their personal goods, whether by testament or ab intestato; and may take possession thereof, either by themselves or by others acting for them and dispose of the same at will, paying to the prolit of the respective éovernments such dues only as the inhabitants of the country wherein the said goods are shall be Troperty or an- subject to pay in like cases. And in case of the absence of the heir ¤¤¤¤ h¤i¤· and representative, uch care shall be taken of the said goods as would be taken of the goods of a native of the same country in like case, until the lawful owner may take measures for receiving them. And if a question should arise among several claimants as to which of them said goods belong, the same shall be decided iiually by the laws and judges of the land wherein the said goods are. Imposts. They shall not be obliged to pay, under any pretence whatever, any taxes or impositions, other or greater than those which are paid or may hereafter be paid by the subjects or citizens of the most favoured nations, in the respective States of the high contracting parties. Exemption from They shall be exempt from all military service, whether by land or by ¤*Ul°¤¤'Y ¤°"¤°°» sea; from forced loans, and from every extraordinary contribution not &‘°‘ general and by law established. Their dwellings, warehouses, and all premises appertaining thereto, destined for purposes of commerce or No arbitrary residence, shall be respected. No arbitrary search of or or visit to their •°=¤’¤h°°· houses, and no arbitrary examination or inspection whatever of the books, papers, or accounts of their trade, shall be made, but such measures shall be executed only in conformity with the legal sentence of a Pimoctiontoper- competent tribunal; and each of the two high contracting parties en- ¤°¤¤ Md l¤'°P°¤‘**Y- gages that the citizens or subjects of the other, residing in their respective States, shall enjoy their property and personal security in as lull and ample manner as their own citizens or subjects, or the subjects or citizens of the most tavoured nations. Ancrronn VII. Management of The citizens and the subjects of each of the two hi h contractin arb"•"*°°°» *°· ties shall be free in the States of the other to manage their own gligirs themselves, or to commit those affairs to the management of any persons whom they may appoint as their broker, factor, or agent; nor shall the citizens and subjects of the two high contracting parties be restrained m their choice of persons to act in such capacities, nor shall they be called upon to pay any salary or remuneration to any person whom they shall not choose to employ. Liberty or trade. Absolute ireedom shall be given in all cases to the buyer and seller to bargain together, and to fix the price of any goods or merchandise imported into or to be exported from the States and dominions of the two high contracting parties; save and except generally such on-ses