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804 PUBLIC TREATIES. citizens, shall forbear doing any damage to those of the other party, or committing any outrage against them ; and, if they act to the contrary, they shall be punished, and shall also be bound, in their persons and estates, to make satisfaction and reparation for all damages, and the interest thereof, of whatever nature the said damages may be. _ _ .C°mm¤¤d*¤¤ *0 For this cause, all commander of privateers, before they receive their “"° b°°°°‘ commi sion , shall hereafter be obliged to give, before a com petent _; udge, suniciert security by at least two responsible sureties who have no interest in the said privateer each of whom, together with the sand commander, shall be jointly and severally bound in the sum of. seven thonsand dollars, or of nine thousand four hundred dollars Venezuelan currency, or if said ship be provided with above one hundred and fifty seamen or soldiers, in the sum of fourteen thousand dollars, or eighteen thousand eight hundred dollars Venezuelan currency, to satisfy all damages and injuries which the said privateer, or her oillcers or men, or any of them, may do or commit during her cruise contrary to the tenor of this convention, or to the laws and instructions for regulating their conduct; aud, further, that in all cases of aggressions said commission shall be revoked and annulled. Ancrxomr XXIII. Prim. dw- When the ships of war of the two contracting partie , or tho e belonging to their citizens which are armed in war, shall be admitted to enter with their prizes the ports of either of the two parties, the said public or private ships, as well as their prizes, shall not be obliged to pay any duty, either to the officers of the place, the judges, or any others; nor shall such prizes, when they come to and enter the ports of either party, be arrested or seized; nor shall the officers of the place make examination concerning the lawfulness of such prizes, but they may hoist sail at any time and depart, and carry their prizes to the places expressed in their commissions, which the commanders of such ships of war shall be obliged to show. It is understood, however, that the privileges conferred by this article shall not extend beyond ·those allowed by law, or by treaty with the most favored nations. Anrrcrm XXIV. E¤•¤¤i¤¤’ 1¤iv•- It shall not belawful for any foreign privateers who have commissions t°°"• from any Prince or State in enmity with either nation to lit their ships in the ports of either, to sell their prizes, or in any manner to exchange them; neither shall they he allowed to purchase provisions, except such as shall be necessary to their going to the next port of that Prince or State from which they have received their commissions. Anrrcmz XXV. Lo t t • r n of No citizen of Venezuela shall apply for or take any commission or '°°“1“°· letters of marque for arming any ship or hips to act as privateers against the said United States, or any of them, or against the citizens, people, or inhabitants of the said United States, or any of them, or against the property of any of the inhabitants of any of them, from any Prince or State with which the said United States shall be at war; nor shall any citizen or inhabitant of the said United States, or any of them, apply for or take any commission or letters of marque for arming any ship or shipsato act as prgateers talgamst tlhte cpizens tprhinhabitantsof Venezue o any o _ em, or e prope y o an o them fro an Prince or State with which the said Republic shall lie at war; add if {my person of either nation shall take such commissions or letters of marque, he shall be punished according to their respective laws.