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806 PUBLIC TREATIES. .ARTICLE XXVIII. Crimwfvr which Persons shall be delivered up, according to the provisions of this con- ' “I " ° “ d °i° vention, who shall be charged with any of the following crimes, to_wit: °u°w°d' murder, (including assassination, parricide, int'antic1de, and poisoning;) attempt to commit murder; rape; forgery; the counterfeiting of money; arson; robbery with violence, intimidation, or_forc1ble entry of an1n· habited house; piracy; embezzlement by public officers, or by persons hired or salaried, to the detriment of their employers, when these crimes are subject to infamous punishment-. Anrrcnn XXIX. B¤"*`°¤d°'» b° “On the part of each country the surrender shall be made only by the "‘“°°‘ authority of the Executive thereoi The expenses of detention and delivery, effected in virtue of the preceding articles, shall be at the cost of the party making the demand. Anrrcnn XXX. P¤li¢i<==5l¤¤`¤¤¤¤¤. The provisions of the aforegoing articles relating to the surrender of "°·» “°‘ ‘“°l"d°d· fugitive criminals shall not apply to ofences committed before the date hereof, nor to those of a political character. Anzricnn XXXI. D u ration <> f This convention is concluded for the term of eight years, dating from

  • '°°*Y· the exchange of the ratiiicatious; and if one year before the expiration

of that period neither of the contracting parties shall have announced, by an official notiiioation, its intention to the other to arrest the operations of said convention, it shall continue binding for twelve months longer, and so on, from year to year, until the expiration of the twelve months which will follow a similar declaration, whatever the time at which it may take place. Anrxcrn XXXII. Ratiaeatione. This convention shall be submitted on both sides to the approval and ratification of the respective competent authorities of each of the contracting parties, and the ratiiications shall be exchanged at Caracas as soon as circumstances shall admit. Signatures. In faith whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the aforegoing articles, in the English and Spanish languages, and they have hereunto adixed their seals. Dete. Done in duplicate, at the city of Caracas, this twenty-seventh day of ‘ August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty. E. A. TURPIN. L. s. PEDR0 DE LAS CASAS. L. s.

VENEZUELA, 1866. · 35, gw CONVENTION BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES 0 M *. &.. PUBLIC OF VENEZUELA FOR ADJUSTMENT 0FFCLAIl3gCC0l¥IC¥II?1§§dzD1§%P CARAGAS APRIL 25, 1866; RATIFIUATION ADVISED BY SENATE JULY 5 1866; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT AUGUST 1866; RATIFICATIONS EX; CHANGED AT CARACAS APRIL 17, 12467; PRO%LAIMED HAY 29, 1867. Preamble. The conclusion of a convention similar to those entered into with other republics, and by which the pending American claims upon Venezuela might be referred for decision to a mixed commission and an umpire, having been proposed to the Venezuelan Government on behalf