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2 PUBLIC TREATIES. Am·1o1.m IV. v‘sitot‘ I All sh' s f a belto th's Regency, on meeting with merchant- '°'“l°" '°£M vw vessels hglohgiyhg to giltilzggs of the United States, shall be allowed to visit them with two persons only beside the rowers; these two only permitted to go on board said vessel without obtaining express leave from the commander of said vessel, who shall compare the passport, and immediately permit said vessel to proceed on her voyage unmolested. All ships of war belonging to the United States of North America, on meeting with an Algerine cruiser, and shall have seen her passport and certillcate from the Consul of the United States of North America, resident in this Regency, shall be permitted to proceed on her cruise unmo- Passports for lested; no passport to be issued to any ships but such as are absolutely "°““]° °f U“‘“d the property of citizens of the United States, and eighteen months shall sum" be the term allowed for furnishing the ships of the United States with passports. Anrmnn V. Restriction upon No commander of any cruiser belonging to, this Regency shall be Algcripc ¤r¤l•¤r¤· allowed to take any person, of whatever nation or denomination, out of any vessel belonging to the United States of North America, in order to examine them, or under pretence of making them confess anything desired; neither shall they inflict any corporal punishment, or any way else molest them. Am·1c1.m VL sti-sndou vessels If any vessel belonging to the United States of North America shall of United States- be stranded on the coast of this Regency, they shall receive every possible assistance from the subjects of this Regency. All goods saved from the wreck shall be permitted to be re-embarked on board of any other vessel without paying any duties at the custom-house. Anrrcm VH. g.;., ,,5 vom]., of The Algerines are not, on any pretence whatever, to give or sell any vm-. vessel of war to any nation at war with the United States of North America or any vessel capable of cruising to the detriment of the commerce of, the United States. Aarronn VIH. ‘ p,,,.,;,,,,,, of Any_citizen of the United States of North America, having bought prizes. any prize condemned by the Algerines, shall not be again captured by the cruisers of the Regency then at sea, although they have not a passport; a certificate from the Consul Resident being deemed sudlcient until such time they can procure such passport. Anmonn IX. C,,,,,,,,] A,,,,,,, If any of the Barbary States at war with the United States of North can vessels. America shall capture any American vessel and bring her into any of the ports of this Regency, they shall not be permitted to sell her, but shall depart the port on procuring the requisite supplies of provision. Anrxcnn X. United States Any vessel belonging t0_ the United States of North America, when prizes at war with any other nation, shall be permitted to send their prizes into the ports of the Regency, have leave to dispose of them without _1jni·onsss or pro. paying any duties on sale thereof. All vessels wanting provisions or vmwus. refreshments shall be permitted to buy them at market price.