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210 FOB.TY·THIBD CONGRESS. Sess. I. OH. 455. 1874, Rmppmprmion To enable the secretary of the Treasury to collect, prooure, preserve, 0* ¤¤°:¥P°¤g*°*1bb¤*· and arrange for use all youchers, papers, records, and evidence, sud 1,0 §;§’mS°f§°m§;§Bsi$,:;f take testimony as to claims against_Q1e United btates, to be paid only upon the certiticate of the Commissioners of (llmms, the sum of twenty thousand dollars of the unexpended balance of the appropriation made xv§`7g»5';*,;· 23*% "°r by act of March third, eighteen hundred and seventyxhree, is hereby · ‘ ‘ re-appropriated. Advermivz i¤ Tglenfble the Secretary of the Treasury_ to pay the proprietors of the N"' Y°'k T“b““°· New York Tribune for advertising in said Journal, the sum of eight hundred and thirty-nine dollars and ten cents, or so much tl1BI‘00f.3.S may be necessary, to be paid upon the audit of the proper accounting officers of the Treasury. _ _ R e vi s ed Mn d For payment of the expense of editing the revised statutes, preparing ¤¤¤“°~*°**`*’°“°°”· the same for publication, and distributing the same, and for editing the annual statutes, under the direction of the Secretary of State, twenty { thousand dollars, or so much thereof as shall be necessary. _ Transit of Venus- To enable the Secretary of the Navy to complete the observations of the transit of Venus, in December, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, and to return the parties of observation to the United States, twenty ive thousand dollars, to be expended as provided by the act: making 2373, ¤b· 227, V01- appropriations for sundry civil expenses for the iiscal year ending June

  • '“» P· 51* thirtieth, eigbbeenlhundred and seventy-four, approved March third,

eighteen hundred and seventythree. I rr f¤¤¤¤~ti¤¤ fp- For collecting information respecting the condition and importance of ?1;g§;‘gf“”'“‘*d° m the fur-trade in the Territory of Alaska, as provided by act of April Am' ch 122 twenty-second, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, ten thousand dollars, 33_ ’’ p' for the iiscal years eighteen hundred and seventy-four and eighteen hundred an? sevenby—five, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary 0 the Treasury. _ District otcoium- For the District of Columbia the sum of one million three hundred M9; d d thousand dollars, to be expended by the commissioners of said District, m1_° °° °"P°“ °_ and applied as follows: First, to the payment of interest on the funded lfwmm, of gum. debt of said District due July tlrst, eighteen hundredand seventy-four; ess on funded debt; secondly, to the payment of officers, employees, audlaborers of thebistrims, P¤y¤¤<>¤;* 2 °mé whether of the District proper or of the board of public works; thirdly, f;’,§Qr$P °’ · °‘“ for the payment of any indebtedness for which the securities of the Dis- I,,deb{(,d¤m for trict are pledged, and the remainder to the current expenses of said Disgate}; securities ofgriet. The money herein appropriated shall be drawn from the Treasury l B Y} ° ° Y ° rom time to time as the same may be needed and onl upon detailed Pl‘§g{?,‘;‘;;m Bx9mm_ statements of amounts to be paid and the persons 4:0 wsl;¤om,or on what How money to 1,8 account payable, to which statements shall be appended the certificate drawn: of such commissioners that they have carefully examined such accounts, 9°;‘*¤’¢;;=*°°f°°m· and that they believe them to be just: and due to the respective claimmfaggrt jo C 0 ¤_ ants thereof copies of said statements together with a report of all regress ceipts and disbursements of said District government, shall be trans- _ mitted by them to the President, to be by him transmitted to Congress $1§g¤g:§§°;:?d*’;°K at the beginning of its next session: Provided, That all sums due any checks to partici party exceeding one hundred dollars shall be paid only by cheeks on the dum, Treasury issued directly to the party bowhom the same is due; And pro- Pa mnt of wm_k_ mdcd further; 'llhat the sum of seventy-tive thousand dollars of said sum iugmim hereby appropriated shall be used for the payment of the workingmen employed on; public improvements on the streets and excavations of Washingwn, under the board of public works of the District of Colum- C . . to bm, or the contractors of the same; and the commissioners ure hereby romiggggilgssgfaw authorized and ordered to retain, from the several contractors who ure ,,0,., momm due by indebted to the workingmen, and whose accounts have not been settled them to working- by the board of public works, the several sums due the workingmen; ¤¤¤¤· all the above sums, except so much thereof as may be paid for interest, mP:11¤¤#m¢¤¢ here as aforesaid, to be considered and adjusted hereafter as a part of the '· proper proportional sum to be paid by the United States towards the expenses of the government of the District of Columbia.