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4 FORTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 9, 10, 11. 1874. Jun. 9, 1874. CHAP. 9.-An act authorizing the Second National Bunk of Havana, New York, ·····—l*—‘*"" to change its name. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Second NM-ivrml States of America, in Congress assembled, That the name oi the Second ’?‘“"‘ “*` u!·E"““"·N· National Bank of Havana, New York shall be changed to the ljlavana. }g1,,;l?J?§,rK,3,?6 t° National Bank of Havana, New York, whenever the board ot directors ` 5 Vof said bank shuliaccept the new name by resolution of the board, confirmed by a vote of two-thirds of the stockholders, and cause a copy of snob action, duly authenticated, to be Bled with the Comptroller of the Pmviso. Currency: Provided, That such acceptance be made within six months after the passage of this net, and that all expenses incident to the proposed change, including engraving, shall be borne and paid hy said bank. Rights nrirllinbili SEO. 2. That all the debts, demands, liabilities, rights, pr1v1leges,and "*°“ “°° “m*°*“d· powers of the Second National Bank of Havana shall devolve upon and inure to the Havana N etioual Bank of Havana, New York, whenever such change of name is eifected. Approved, January 9, 1874. Ji'-"- Mi 1874- CHAP. 10.:-An not making an appropriation for the legislative expenses of Colorado Territory. Bc it enacted by ihc Senate and House of Representatives of the United

  • \Pl“”?l*'*¤**°“ *°*` States of America. in Congress assembled, That twenty thousand dollars
 be, and the same is hereby, appropriated, out ot any moneyin the Treas-

,,,-_,._' “ ury not otherwise appropriated, lor compensation and m1leage ot the members of the legis ative assembly of Colorado Territory, and lor pay of clerks, officers, and contingent expenses thereof. Approved, January 14, 1874. _ J"“· 20- CHAP. 11.—·An act repealing the increase of salaries of members of Congress, and other officers. _ _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United (_1__¥;;lu`jlg,;;;;];;Slates of Ameriqa in Congress assembled, That so much of the act of ,,0,, ,,,~"m,,,,,b,,,.s of March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, entitled “An act <'··¤·¤¤·¤¤ ¤¤¢1 ¤1»1¤¤r !¤¤ki¤8` ¤·I>DP0D¤‘i=¥i>i0¤S fb? legislative, executive, and judicial expenses <>f*i¤g{‘¤- of the Government for the year ending·June thirtieth, eighteen hundred x__1i?’;·4°;3 2% V"rand seventy·lbnr," as provides for the increase of the compensation of ’' public officers and employees, whether members of Congress, Delegates, or others, except the President of the United States and the Justices of the Supreme Court, he, and the sameis herebypepealed, and the salaries, compensation, and allowances of all said persons, except as aforesaid, shall be as fixed by the laws in force at the time of the passage of said pmvm, act: Provided, That mileage shall not be allowed for the first session of the Fortythird Congress; that all moneys appropriated as qornpensation to the members of the Forty-second Congress, in excess of the mileage and allowances tixed by law at the commencement of said Con- Moneys notdrawn gress, and which shall not have been drawn by the members of said

    • `t;°5*'*)f]‘* _¤°V*>’°d Congress respeetivel y, or which having been drawn, have been returned

“ ‘° “"‘°""‘ in any form to the United States, are hereby covered into the Treasury of the United States, and are·deelared to be the moneys of the United States absolutely, the same as if they had never been 'appropriated as aforesaid. Approved, January 20, 1874.