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126 }<`OR.TY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 255, 256. 1826, ing mnmrmls, stationery, and text-books; and repairs of instruments, ono hundred and fifty dollars. · FD°[’g"*m°““ °f For dopartment 0l·F1‘cllCh : For text-books uml Stationery for the osg mmof llISi1`l1Ul()l'S, ono hundred dollars. Depurvmeuf vf Fordepartinont of Spanish: For text-books und stationery for tho SP“‘“"’h· . usc of instructors, forty dollars. · Depmuwut of For depnrrment of lnw; For text-books and statioiicry and books of l“‘”· ri~ik»1·¤i1co for the uso of instructors, two hundred dollars. Department of For department of drawing: lor models ior second class, models for d”=*“’*¤8· third class, tm~—boax·d for mounting models, frames for securing models from injury, colors, brushes, pencils, and paper, for the usc of instruct ors, ono hundred dollars. Department of For depmtmoiit of ordnance and gunnery: For additions to models °*d¤¤¤°<>»°*<>· and dmwings, tologrwh-etppuratus, repairing instrument und Bringhouses, and lor books of reference and textbooks ior instructors, tomhundred dollars. _ Board of visit- For expenses of the board of visitors, three thousand dollars. 0l.`S. Contingent ox~ For misccllmioous and contingent expenses: For gas, coal-oil, can-

 · P¤¤¤¤¤· dles, and wicking for lighting the ncudoniy, cudct-l>m·rucks, mcsshnll,

offices, stable, and sidewalks, tour thonsnnd dollars ; water-pipes, plumbing, and repairs, one thousand Evo hundred dollars; cleaning public buildings, (not quxirtcrs,) tivo lmndrod dollars; brooms, brushes, puils, tubs, soup, and cloths, two linmlroel dollars; chalk, crayons, sponge, slate, and rubbors, lor I‘6CitéWl()lrl‘U()lI!S, ono l1nn¤li·0<i dollars; compcn-· sution of chapel organist, two hundred dollars ; compensation of librarian, one hundred and twenty dollars; pay of engineer of heating and vcntilating apparatus for the cadet barracks, chapel and philosophical academy, including tho libi·zu·y, one thousand Evo hundred dollars; pay of assistant of same, seven l1und1·<·d und twenty dollars; pay of tivo tiremon, two thousand two hundred dollars; increase and expense of the library, books, magazines, periodicals, and binding, one thousand dnlurs. Ml;f$¤”i¤¤’¤ °»¤· For pay of libmri:tn’s assistant, onc thousand dollars. (Janet hospital. For fumituro for cadet hospital, one hundred dollars. _u_}?l;‘;;Q”g“ *****1 Buildings and grounds: For repairing and opening roads and walks, °fivc hundred dollars. 3 That the Secretary of Wear be horoby directed to detail a, competent MMM battalion officer to act as quartormastcr and commissary for the battalion of in bn detailed, cadets, by whom all purchases and issues of supplies of all kinds for tho cadets, and all provisions for the mess, shall be made, and that all

sppp1m und pm- supplies of all kinds und descriptions shall be furnished .t0 the cadets

"‘“‘°“ M °°°‘t· at actual cost, without a-ny commission or advance over said cost; and such officor so assigned shall perform all tho duties of purveying and supervision for the mess, as now dono by the purveyor, without other compensation. Approved, August 7, 1876. . Aug 9, [876, I CHAP. 256.-Au act to establish a. new land·district in tho Territory of Wyoming- B0 it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United

1cvimston land- Statcx of America in Congress assembled, That all tho public lands in the
j°” ° S ** fi b · T0rri10ry of Wyoming lying west of tho thirty-tirst ineridian of longitude

'“ “ ‘ west ii·0m \¢Vnshingtou shall constitute u new land-district, to be called the Evanston district. _ - Register and re- SHG. 2. T hat tho President be, and he is hereby, authorized to nippoillfl, °*“’¤‘· by and with the advice and conscnt of tho Sonata, or during the recess thereof; und until tho next session after such appointment, a register llcsidonco. and n l‘€U(5l\'B1'iOI‘ said district, who shall be roquiu-d to residc in the town - oi‘1§vm1stm1, Wyoming '1‘em~icu1-y,uuu1 such time n tim President muy.