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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 256, 258, 259. 1876. 127 in his discretion, remove the site of said land-office from said town, be suhject to the same laws and be entitled to the same compensation as is or may hereui‘tcr be provided by law in relation to the existing landofflces and officers in said 'l`erritor_y. Approved, August 9, 1876. CHAP. 258.——An act to relinquish the title of the United States to certain property Aug. 11, 1876. in the city and county of Son Francisco, California. ;—····-·-——-- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the [Mimi _ States <p" Aoncréca in Congress assembled, That all the right and title of .T“l" '°° dd. “‘“" the United States to the iollowingdescribed property is hereby relin- §;J:,:°,;1;1°Q$,p§t,“,} quished to the city and county of San Francisco, thesnme being the two irmmisct, r31in - fifty vara lots on which the old marine-hospital building now stands, q¤iShe<l· fronting two hundred and seventy-Eve feet; on the north side of Harrison street, between Spear and Main streets, with at uniform depth of one hundred and thirty-seven feet and six inches, as laid down on the official map of said city to he used by the city and county of San Francisco solely for the purposes of a sailors’ home: Provided, That if the same Prcviso. shall at any time be used for any other than the purpose aforesaid, or if said home shall not be opened within one year irotn the passage of this act, in each such case all right and title hereby relinquished shall revert · back to, and again vest in the United States. Approved, August 11, 1876. CHAP. 259.-An act providing for the solo of the Osage coded lands in Kansas to AUS- 11» 18,6- ` actual settlers. """"—"‘”"‘ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Ropresmzmtiocs of the United ` Mates of America, in Congress assembled, That any bona. fide settler, re- B(,,,,,.gd(,Smim, Siding at the time of completing his or her entry, as hereinafter pro- on Osage lands in vided, upon any portion of the lands sold to the United States, by vi_1·— K¤·¤¤¤¤ ***5* Pu" tue of the tirst article of the treaty concluded between the United States °l"""° ““"‘°‘ and the Great and Little Osage tribe ol' Indians September twenty- 14 Smt,681. ninth, eighteen hundred and sixtytive, and proclaimed January twenty- first, eighteen hundred and sixtyseven, who is a citizen of the United . States, or shall have declared his intention to become at citizen of the ` United States, shall be, and hereby is, entitled to purchase the same, 4 in quantity not to exceed one hundred and sixty acres, at the price of Quantity and ` one dollar anti twenty-five cents per acre, within one year from the pas- p1‘i¤<¤· sage of this act, under such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior, and on the terms ltereinatter provided z Provided, That no bona tide settler as atoresaitl on said land shall be Pmviso. denied the right to purchase land under the provisions of this act on the ground that he or she may heretofore have had the benefit of the homestead or preemption laws of the United States. Sec. 2. That; any person who is a citizen of the United States, or has Pttrchzism _ in declared his intc·nt;ion to become such, who in good iaith had purchased S02d, *“‘{_h_1i};"_‘_" any portion of said land from either the Leavenworth, Lawrence and 13,*,,;;,fjQ Galveston Railroad Ootnpnny, or the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Rail- to pumimsc twin, road Company, prior to the commencement of the two suits in the name of the United States against said companies, in the circuit court of the United States for the district of Kansas, to test the legality of title of said railroad companies t.o said lands, or portions thereot, to wit; belore the twenty»1:ii'th day of February, anno Domini eighteen hundred and seventy-tour, and shall prove to the satisfaction of the register and the Proofs inqnnctt. receiver of the proper land office that he or she has, in good faith, before the date last zitmesaitl, paid said railroad companies, or either of them, the consideration·tnot1e5t, or a portion thereof, and also that he