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148 FOBTY-FO URTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 287. 1876. man at nine hundred dollars; one night usher, at one thousand two hundred dollars; two day-ushers one at the Presidentts door and one at the door of the Secretary, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; and two door·keepers at twelve hundred dollars each; in all, seven thousand seven hundred and sixty-four dollars. Draw-keepers. For two draw-keepers for Navy-Yard and Upper Bridges, and for fuel, oil, and lamps, one thousand six hundred dollars. watchman in For watchman in Franklin Square, seven hundred and twenty dolgrounds. IELTS. ] For watchman at La Fayette Square, seven hundred and twenty dollars. For two watchmen in Smithsonian Grounds, at seven hundred and _ twenty dollars each, fourteen hundred and forty dollars. B¤dS°·k°°1°°*· d For one bridge-keeper at Chain Bridge, seven hundred and twenty · 0 lars. Contingent ex- For contingent and incidental expenses, five hundred dollars. pcnses. - EXECUTIVE. Salaries. d For compensation of the President of the United States, fifty thousand ollars. For compensation of the Vice President of the United States, eight thousand dollars. For compensation to the following in the office of the President of " the United States; Private Secretary, three thousand five hundred dollars; assistant secretary, two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; two executive clerks at two thousand dollars each; steward at eighteen hundred dollars, and messenger at twelve hundred dollars; in all, twelve thousand seven hundred fifty dollars. 0<>¤ti¤g¤¤¤i¤¤· For contingent expenses of the Executive office, including stationery therefor, three thousand dollars. P°“*”*€°'“‘““l’°· For official postage-stamps, six hundred dollars. DEPARTMENT OF STATE. Salaries. For compensation of the Secretary of State, eight thousand dollars; three assistant secretaries of state, at three thousand five hundred dollars each; for chief clerk, two thousand five hundred dollars; twelve clerks of class four; live clerks of class three; ten clerks of class one; and thirteen clerks, at nine hundred dollars each ; one messenger ; one assistant messenger; one superintendent of the watch, at one thousand dollars; six watchmen; twelve laborers; chief engineer, who shall be a machinist, one thousand two hundred dollars ; one assistant engineeer,one thousand dollars ; four firemen, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each ; twenty charwomen, at one hundred and eighty dollars each · and a con- ~ ductor for the elevator, at seven hundred and twenty dollars; in all, V ninety-nine thousand two hundred and twenty dollars. For five chiefs of bureaus and one translator, at two thousand one hundred dollars each, twelve thousand six hundred dollars. P¤‘¢><>f·F¤=*di¤8» For proof-reading and packing the laws and documents for the vari- °t°· ous legations and consulates, including boxes and transportation of the same, two thousand five hundred dollars; for stationery, furniture, tixtures, and repairs, four thousand dollars; for books and maps, two thousand dollars; for extra clerk-hire and copying, two thousand live hundred dollars ; in all, eleven thousand dollars. C¤¤ti¤g*>¤¤i¤¤·` For contingent expenses, namely : For fuel, ten thousand dollars; for lights, three thousand dollars; for repairs, two thousand dollars; for care and subsistence of horses and repairs of wagons and harness, one thousand five hundred dollars; and for miscellaneous items, not included in the foregoing, three thousand one hundred and twenty-five dollars; in all, nineteen thousand six hundred and twenty-five dollars Rent of sean1s, For rent of stable and wagon-shed for the new State Department Building one thousand dollars.