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FORTYQFOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 287. 1876. 153 keeper and gauger shall be that of storekeeper only. And the said ofli- B<>¤d· cer shall before entering upon the discharge of such duties, give a bond in the penal sum of not less than five thousand dollars for the faithful performance of the combined duties of storekeeper and gauger. For detecting and bringing to trial and punishment persons guilty of _D°t<’>°*>l¤iI Vl0]’*· ‘ violating the internal revenue laws, or connivin g in such crime, including ES§S1;V€S°h° ""' payments for information and detection, sixty thousand dollars. ' Lienr House BOARD :-For chief clerk of the Light House Board, Us ht H0 ¤¤<> two thousand four hundred dollars ; two clerks of class four; two clerks B°“‘d· of class three; one clerk of class two; one clerk of class one; one clerk at nine hundred dollars; one messenger; and one laborer; in all, fourteen thousand two hundred and sixty dollars. , BUREAU or Srlyrisrios z-For the officer in charge of the Bureau of t. Iglllmu °* Sm Statistics, two thousand four hundred dollars; chief clerk, two thousand m ’°s‘ dollars; five clerks of class four; six clerks of class three, six clerks of class two; four clerks of class one; live copyists ; at nine hundred dol- `lars each; one messenger; one laborer; and one charwoman, at four hundred and eighty-dollars; in all, forty-two thousand seven hundred and forty dollars. And for the additional duties imposed upon the Compensation Bureau of Statistics by the legislation of the Second session of the *2* i**l*“*i°¤¤l d“· Forty-third Congress, the sum of twelve thousand dollars, or so much “"”‘ thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated, to be expended, 1,,,, ch ,0., under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, in payment of the lg g{,,t_; ;;§.}f services of experts, and for other necessary expenditures connected with the collection of facts relative to the internal and foreign commerce of the United States. BUREAU or ENcnAv1Ne AND Bnmrnie:-For Chief of Bureau, four Ensmviw we thousand nve hundred dollars. one assistant, at two thousand two hun- P"‘““"¥i B""""“‘ dred and fifty dollars; accountant, two thousand dollars; nve clerks, at one thousand two hundred dollars each three eopyists, at nine hundred dollars each; and four laborers; in all twenty thousand three hundred and thirty dollars. _ TREASURY MiSOELLANEoUS:—1“or stationery for the Treasury Depart- S“‘*‘°""’5'· ment and its several bureaus, forty thousand dollars. FOI` contingent €Xp0llS8S of U18 TFG2lSlll`y DCQHPEIDGHE, Ildlllfsly: Contingent ox- For arranging and binding cancelled marine-papers, requisitions, and l‘“"“°“· other important records; sealing ships’ registers; for foreign postage, newspapers, books, hand-stamps, and repairs of the same, ten thousand dollars. For investigations of accounts and records, two thousand five hundred dollars. For freight, espressage, telegrams, and car-tickets, five thousand dollars. For rent of buildings, thirteen thousand dollars. For care and subsistence of horses for office, and mail-wagons, includ ing feeding, and shoeing; and for wagons, harness, and repairs of same, three thousand four hundred dollars. _ For ice, buckets, file-holders, book-rests, labor clocks, and repairs of' the same, five thousand dollars. , · For coal, wood, grates, grate-baskets and fixtures, stoves and i:ix· ` tures, blowers, coal-hods; hearths; shovels, tongs, pokers, matches, and match-safes, nine thousand dollars. For gas, drop-lights and tubing, gas-burners, brackets and globes, candles, lanterns, and wicks, twelve thousand five hundred dollars. For carpets, oil—cloth, matting, repairs, cleaning, and laying of the same, five thousand dollars. For desks, tables, and chairs, and shelving for file rooms, and cases, repairs of furniture, boxes, rugs, chair-covers and caning, cushions, cloth for covering desks, locks, screws, hand-saws, turpentine and varnish, twelve thousand five hundred dollars. For washing towels, brooms, brushes, crash, cotton cloth, cane, chamoisskins, dusters, flour, keys, lye, matches, nails, oil powders, sponge,