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' FORTYFOUBTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 69. 1877. 247 out, in the sixth line, the words ‘* and Natchez, in Mississippi," and by inserting, in the fifth line, after the word “Missouri ", the word " end". Section twenty eight: hundred and twenty six is amended by striking gg5g6,p_54g_ ous. at the end of the section the word "impormuion", and inserting therefor the word “ destination ". Section twenty eight hundred and forty-one is amended by inserting $2841, p.5f:2. in the second sentence of the "oa,tb of consignee, importer or agent;," Am 49 after the words *‘ is (or ere,) " the words “ the owner (or owners) ". ’p` ' Section twenty eight hundred and sixty five is amended by suhstgituta $2865, p. 557. ing therefor the following: " If any person shall knowingly and willfully, with intent to defraud the revenue of the United States, smuggle, or clzmdestinely introduce, into the United States, any goods, wares, or merchandise, subject to duty by law, and which should have been invoiced, without paying or accounting for the duty, or shall make out or pass, or attempt to pass, through the custom-house any false, forged, or 1`reudulent; invoice, every such person, his, her, or their niders and ubetstaors, shall be deemed guiluy of u misdemezmor, and on conviction thereof shall be find in any sum not exceeding five thousand dollars, or imprisoned ior any term of time not exceeding two yours, or both, at the discretion of the c0urt." Section twenty nine hundred and nine is struck out. §2909, p. 567. Section twenty nine hundred and thirty six is amended by inserting $2936, p. 571. in the eighth line, after word " situa.tcd," the words " to mz1l<e". Section twenty-nine hundred and seventy eight is amended by adding, §297B p_ BTL at the end of the section, the words ‘*excepc as provided in section three thousand and tnwouty-tive. · Section tweutzynine hundred and eighty-four is amended by striking $2984, p. 578. out, in the second line, the word *‘indust;ry", mul inserting therefor the . word " injur_y". Section twenbymine hundred and eighty-eighb is amended by striking §2988,p,579. out; all after the word "sume", in the fifth line, and by inserting am period in Iicu of the semicolon nt; the end of the section. Section twenty-nine hundred and eightymine is mneuded by striking $2989, p. 579- our, in the third line, the words "rel:1Ling to WllI'(5l10lIS€S", and inserting therefor the words “of this clmpt0r". Section three thousand and one is mmmdod by mlding thereto the fol- @300bP-58l- lowing: *°And the éikuretaury of the Treasury is hereby zmthorized to remit, in whole or in part, on such conditions, and under such regulations, not inconsistent with lmv, as he may prescribe, the additional duty secured by the bond given for the t;rm1sp<>rimi011 of merchandise from an port in one collection district to a. port in another collection district: prescribed by the preceding section: Provided, Theta it shall be proved to the satisfaction of nhe Secretary of che Treasury that the fhilure to transport and deliver the merchandise aforesaid according to the conditions of the bonds O(£(5\lI‘I`0(] without wilful negligence or fraudulent intent on the purlé of the ol>1igors." Section uhroe thousand and two is amended by striking outs, in the 9 300% P- 581- uimh mul eleventh lines, respecfively, the words “Point: Isabel", and inserting therefor the word "Brownsville”. Section three thousand and three is amended by striking out, in the S*3003·P-58*- . eighth line, after the words "del Norte," the word “mid", and inserting the word ‘•or". r Section three t;h_ousa.nd and five is amended by striking out, in the 93°°5·I‘·"*’2‘ fourth line the words “Point Isu.bel", and inserting the word “Browusville ". Section three thousand and nine is amended by inserting after tho $3°°9·P·582· word ‘* coin " in line two the vyords " or coin-certi[lc:1tes". Section three tlnousand and eleven is amended by striking ont; all after 9 WIL P·58?'·- the word “ protesb" in the eighth line, and by adding the words “ and appeal shall have been taken as prescribed in section twentymino hundred and thirtyone. Section three thousand and eightywhree is amended by striking out, 9 3082, p, 595.