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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 101.` 1877. 291 the vicinity of such military post to any Indian reservation: And pro- LiP¤¤¤· · vided further, That such appropriation shall be applied pro rata, to such Lipau Indians as may have heretofore been iucorpomted into the Tonkmva tribe, and which still reside with such tribe. FOR GOLONIZING AND SUPPORTING THE WICHITAS AND Qolpnizing, em., ' OTHER AFFILIATED BANDS. d‘;“d aim For this amount, to be expended in such goodé, provisions, 2»Dd_0tl10I‘ articles as the President may,1r0m time to time, determine, in instructing in agricultural and mechanical pursuits, in providing employees, educating children, procuring medicine and medical attendance, cam for and support of aged, siysk, and iniirm, for the helpless orphans of said Indians, and in any other respect to promote their civilization, comfort, and improvement, twenty-Eve thousand dollars. TRANSPORTATION. 'héxusptcértatiou cf 00 8,0 . For the necessary expenses of transportation of such goods, provisions, g and other articles for the various tribes of Indians provided for by this act, two hundred and nineteen thousand dollars. And whenever practicable wagon transportation may be performed by Indian labor; and I¤dm¤1¤b0¤m— whenever it. is so performed the Commissioner of ludiun Affairs is P]°>`°d- hereby authorized to hire a storehouse at any railroad whenever neces- Wg;;;; (Q: ual?] sary, and to employ a, storckeepcr therefor, and to furnish in advance u;S;,m1_' " · the Iudizms who will do the transportation with wagons and harness, all the expenses incurred under this provision, to be paid out; of this appropriation: Provided, That hereafter contracts involving am expenditure Advmisemeuom of more than two thousand dollars shall be advertised and 1ct; to the °°¤*"*°*8· lowest responsible bidder. MISCELLANEOUS. For fourth installment oflammity, to be paid to Oumy so long as 110 oumy, chief of shall be chief of the Ute Indians, one thousand dollars. the Uma. For continuing the collection of statistics and historical data respect- Indian statistics. in g the Indians of the United States, under the direction of the Sccro- . tary of the Interior, two thousand five hundred dollars. To complete the survey of the lands of the Cherokee Indians of North Carolina, recently acquired from W. H. Thomas by purchase, the Secretary of the Interior, as directed by the act: of Congress approved twenty-third day of June, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, is hereby 1874, ¢b·45{5, authorized to expend the sum of one thousand five hundred dollars, to 15 S*“"·» 21** bc paid out of the moneys placed to the credit of the Eastern Band of ` Cherokee Indians upon the books of the Treasury Department under am of August fifteenth, eighteen hundred :m<1s0vcuty-six, entitled “Au 1876, ¤b·289, act making appropriations for the current and contingent expenses of A""’» 19* the Indian Department, and {br fulfilling treaty stipulations with vm·i· ous Indian tribes, for the year ending J unc thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventyseven, and for other purposes? For this amount, to pay Marcus Erwin, of Asheville, North Carolina, Marcus Erwinfor services as attorney in examining the papers in the purchase of gu judgment on W. H. Thomas in bcha,li‘ of the North Carolina Chcrokecss, three hundred dollars ; to be paid out of the moneys placed to credit of Eastern Band of Ohcrokccs on the books of the Treasury August iitteemh, eighteen hundred and seventysix. The Secretary of mhe1u~ S¤i¤<><>I¤ for Ew- . · terior may, an his discretion, use sn portion of the money appropriated §‘;';SB;:"}r‘;€lEi2§;§é in the Indian appropriation acm of fifteenth August, eighteen hqudred and G80mm_ and seventy-six, for the support of schools among the Eastern Band of 1:216, ch 289, . Cherokee Indians, in uid of schools among said Cherokccs residing in AMG 197- Tcunesscc and Georgia. ._ For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to enable D_¢f<>¤?? <>€]?}¤¤S the Secretary of the Interior to employ counsel to dctbnd suits now gggfghcggices?" pending against the North Carolina Chcrokces, one thousand dollars;