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352 FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 105. 1877. so that no expenditure shall be made or authorized for the full completion of said building beyond the sum of two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. Harrisburgh; For a suitable building, with tire-proof vault extending to each story, at the city of Harrisburgh, Pehnsylvania, for the accommodation of the post office and other Government offices in said city, to be erected upon 1875, ch. 163, the site purchased by the United States under the act of March third , 18 S*¤°·» 505- eighteen hundred and seventy-tive, the sum of thirty thousand dollars; to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, AW. p· 203· who shall cause proper plans and estimates to be made, so that no expenditure shall be made or authorized for the full completion of said building beyond the amount of three hundred thousand dollars. LIGHT HOUSE ESTABLISHMENT. Light-h¤¤¤¤ Salaries of keepers of lighthouses: For salaries of nine hundred and k""’P°‘“· ninety-one light-house and light beacon keepers and their assistants, five hundred and ninety-four thousand six hundred dollars. Light-vessels- Expenses of light-vessels: For seamens wages, rations, repairs, salaries, supplies, and incidental expenses of twenty-three light-ships and seven relief lightvessels, two hundred and thirty thousand dollars. Buoyagc. Expenses of buoyage: For expenses of raising, cleaning, painting, repairing removing, and supplying losses of buoys, spindles and day- beacons, and for chains, sinkers, and similar necessaries, three hundred thousand dollars. Fog-signals. Expenses of fogsignals: For repairs and incidental expenses in renewing, reiitting and improving fog-signals and buildings connected therewith forty thousand dollars. Inspeotinglights. Inspecting lights: For expenses of visiting and inspecting lights and other aids to navigation, including rewards paid for information as to collisions, four thousand dollars. Supplies. Supplies of light houses: For supplying the light houses and beacon lights on the Atlantic, Gulf, Lake, and Paciiic coast with oil, wicks, glass chimneys, chamois skins, spirits of wine, whiting, polishing power, towels, brushes, soap, paint, and other cleansing materials, and for expenses of gauging, testing, transportation, delivevery of oil, fuel, and _ other supplies for light houses and fog signals, for books for light stations, and other incidental and necessary expenses, three hundred and sixty thousand dollars. R<>P¤ir¤· Repairs of lighthouses: For repairs and incidental expenses of refifting and improving light houses and buildin gs connected therewith, and for expenses of repairing and keeping in repair illuminating apparatus and machinery, two hundred and seventy-uvc thousand dollars. MjS¤i¤Sil>I>l» GW-» Lighting and buoyage of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio Rivers: R“’°“· For maintenance of lights on the Mississippi, Ohio, and Missouri Rivers, and such buoys as may be necessary, one hundred and forty thousand dollars. {Lisle-h<>¤¤¤¤, LIGHT Housms, Beacons Ami Foe-s1GNALs. 8 0. Hi ·· Nbrvl=¤r¤, etc-, For erection of pier head lights on the northern and northwestern ]“k"S· lakes, ten thousand dollars. - Grosse P<>i¤t,Ilr For protecting the site at Grosse Point light near Chicago Illinois, Eve thousand dollars. Port An st in, For completing light houses at Port Austin light station, at Point au Mich. Barques, Michigan, seventy-five thousand dollars. SM y,.,m,iSc,,, For establishing a day-beacon on Anita Rock San Francisco Harbor, Cal. California, two thousand, three hundred dollars. Portsmoutli,N.H. For steam fog-signal on Whales Back Island in the harbor of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, five thousand dollars. $tan¤¤»r<1’¤R<><=k, For commencing the construction of a lighthouse at Stannard’s Rock, M'°h· Lake Superior, Michigan fifty thousand dollars to be immediately avail— able.