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384 roamrrounru conenuss. sees. 11:. cn. 110. 1877. _ Miscellaneous For miscellaneous items in the office of the Postmaster—Gcneral one

  • l°mS· thousand five hundred dollars.

OFFICE OF THE FIRST ASSISTANT POSTMASTER-GENERAL. Pestmasters. For compensation to postmasters, seven million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Clerks. For compensation to clerks in post-offices, three million three hundred Rates ofeemperr and forty thousand dollars; and the Postmaster·General is hereby S¤’vi<>¤- directed to cause a careful inquiry to be made into the rates of compensation now made to clerks in post-offices, with a view to a more equita- Proviso. ble adjustment and reduction thereof: Provided, That such adjustment shall in no case involve an increase over and above the present aggre— _ gate compensation as provided in this act. Lm€r-.mmeI·s_ For payment to letter—carriers, one million, eight hundred and twenty- Reduction of five thousand dollars. It shall be the duty of the Postmaster-General service. to carefully inquire into the number of carriers employed in the several cities where the free delivery ot" mail-matter is established, and to reduce the number of carriers and the number of deliveries of the mails by such carriers for each day to the reasonable requirements of the public service. Wrapping-paper. For wrappingpaper, twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars. Twine. For wrapping-twine, fifty-thousand dollars. Marking-stamps. For marking and rating stamps, nine thousand dollars. Letter-balances. For letterbalanees and scales, five thousand dollars. Rent, etc. For rent, light, and fuel, four hundred thousand dollars. Furniture. For office-furniture, twenty thousand dollars. Stationery. For stationery, fifty-five thousand dollars. Miscellaneous. For miscellaneous and incidental items, eighty thousand dollars. _ OFFICE on THE SEGOND ASSISTANT POSTMASTER-GENERAL. Inland mail- For inland mail transportation, namely: For transportation on starl¤¤¤¤Sr¤¤w¤i<>¤· routes and by steamboats, and all other than railroad-routes, six million two hundred and thirty-seven thousand nine hundred and ninety-three dollars; for transportation by railroad, nine million two hundred and nfty thousand dollars; one hundred and fifty thousand dollars of the same may be used by the Postmaster-General to obtain proper facilities from the great. trunk lines lines of railroads for the railway post-office service during the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight Railway pv St- For compensation to railway-post-office clerks, one million, two hun- °m“° °l°‘kS· dred and twenty-five thousand dollars. R°‘}*°‘“¥°“tS· For route-agents, one million dollars. Sc£I‘§;*°“l° m°S' For mail-route messengers, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Lacui ,,,,0mS_ For local agents, one hundred and ten thousand dollars. Mail-mezsengers. For mail messengers six hundred and seventy thousand dollars. Locks and keys. For mail locks and keys, sixteen thousand dollars. Mail-bags, &e. For maitbags and mail-bag catchers, two hundred thousand dollars. omlion OF THE THIRD ASSISTANT POSTMASTER-GENERAL. P<>stag<>·stamps. For manufacture of adhesive postage-stamps, of official stamps, and of newspaper and periodical stamps, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. For pay of agent and assistants to distribute stamps, and expenses of the agency, six thousand and nine hundred dollars. Stamped envel- For manufacture of stamped envelopes and newspaper-wrappers, six °Pcs. hundred thousand dollars. For pay of agent and assistants to distribute stamped envelopes and newspaperwvrappers, and expenses of agency, fourteen thousand one hundred and fifty dollars.