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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 90. 1876. _ 51 sent of his parent or guardian, against whom any charge of committing any crime or misdemeanor shall have been made, the punishment of which, on con viction, would be confinement in jail or prison ; third, any boy under sixteen years of age who is destitute of a suitable home and adequate means of obtaining an honest living, or who is in danger of being brought up, or is brought up, to lead an idle or vicious life; fourth, any boy under sixteen years of age who is incorrigible, or habitually disregards the commands of his father or mother, or guardian, who leads a vagrant life, or resorts to immoral places or practices, or neglects or refuses to perform labor suitable to his years and condition, or to attend school. And the president of the board of trustees may also commit to the Reform school such boys as are mentioned in the foregoing third and fourth classes upon application or complaint in writing of a parent, or guardian, or relative having charge of such boy, and upon such testimony in regard to the facts stated as shall be satisfactory to him; and for taking testimony in such cases, he is hereby empowered to administer oaths. Sec. 9. That every boy sent to the Reform School shall remain until ,P*>¤`l°d vf d¤**6¤· he is twenty-one years of age, unless sooner discharged or bound as an tw"' apprentice; but no boy shall be retained after the superintendent shall _ have reported him fully reformed. Sec. 10. That whenever there shall be as large a. number of boys in Whw ¤<=}¤*>¤I iS the school as can be properly accommodated, it shall be the duty of the £‘,g*°f1‘f,‘;‘,’,“‘1*m°“t” president of the hoard of trustees to give notice to the criminal and P ' police courts of the fact, whereupon no boys shall be sent to the schools by the said courts until notice shall be given them by the president of the board that more can be received. _ _ _ _ Sec. 11. That if any person shall entice, or attempt to entice, away b ¥;‘”j°§;‘f¥ "' hw from said school any boy legally committed to the same, or shall harbor, °·” °°m` conceal, or aid in harboring or concealing any boy who shall have escaped from said school, such person shall, upon conviction thereof, be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall pay a une of not less than ten nor more than one hundred dollars, which shall be paid to the treasurer of the board of trustees; and any policeman shall have power, and it is hereby made his duty, to arrest any boy, when in his power so Afmt °fb<>5*¤ ¤¤· to do, who shall have escaped from said school, and return him thereto. °*‘P"'g‘ Sec. 12. That the trustees shall have full power to place any boy E¤¤i>T<>ym¢¤f ¤f committed as herein described, during his minority, at such employment b°y“‘ and cause him to be instructed in such branches of useful knowledge, as may be suitable to his years and capacity, as they may see lit; and _ _ they may, with the consent of any such boy, bind him out as an appren- APp'°“*‘°‘“€· tice during his minority, or for a. shorter period, to learn such trade and employment as in their judgment will tend to his future benefit; and the president of the board shall, for such purpose, have power to execute and deliver, on behalf of the said board, indentures of apprenticeship for any such boy- and such indentures shall have the same force _ _ _ and effect as other indentures of apprenticeship under the laws of the bufgug °f ‘“d°“‘ ])istrict of Columbia, and be filed and kept among the records in the ° ofhcc of the Refbrm-School, and it shall not be necessary to record or lile them elsewhere. Sec. 13. That for the support of the boys sent to the Reform-School, S"P1;‘;"é of b°$’* as hereinbefore mentioned the District of Columbia shall pay to the board °°"’m‘ ° ' of trustees two dollars for each boy per week; and it shall be the duty of the superintendent to make out and render to the proper officers monthly accounts at the close of each month for the support of the boys in said school, which shall be paid on demand; and, if not paid within ten days from the time the account is presented, shall draw interest at the rate of one per centum per month until paid. Sec. 14. That all contracts and purchases made for or on account of C°“*"*°‘“· the institution shall he made in the name of the board and by whomsoever the board may direct. The president of the board shall be its exec- Exccutiveohicer.