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52 _ FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 90, 91, 93. 1876. Annual reports. utive officer, and it shall be his duty to make an annual. report to the Attorney General, to be accompanied by the ann ual report of the superintendent and treasurer. · By-]3,w5__ Sec. 15. That the board of trustees may make such by-laws, rules, and regulations for their own and the government of the mstitution, its officers, employees, and inmates, as they may deem necessary and proper. _ Consulting trus- Sec. 16. That two consulting trustees shall be appomted, namely, t°°“· one Senator of the United States, by the presiding officer of the Senate, for the term of four years, and one member of the House oi Representatives, by the Speaker thereof, for the term of two years. _ _ _ nepeais. Sec. 17. That all acts and parts of acts incompatible with this act are hereby repealed. · Approved, May 3, 1876. · MW 5 1876 · CHAP. 91.-An act to exclude the States of Missouri and Kansas from the provisions -..` ’of the act of Congress entitled "An act to promote the development of the mining resources of the United States " approved May tenth eighteen hundred and seventy- two. · Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United All ,,,,6,,,, M;,. States of America in Congress assembled, That within the States of Miseouri and Mums souri and Kansas deposits of coal, iron, lead, or other mineral be, and

  • >¤‘¤J*>°*_*° *l?¤l’°¤**1 they are hereby, excluded from the operation of the act entitled “An

{fm,‘;f$"‘““1 ° “ " **1 act to promote the devel_opment of mining resources of the United States” R_ 2.,,9,,,),,,,,,,, approved May tenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two and all lands ,,,,_ AQ): t,, 4;;1_ ’ in said States shall be subject to disposal as agricultural lands. Approved, May 5, 1876. ` May 9 18.76 CHAP. 93.~—An act to relinquish the interests of the United Statesin certain lands __ ’to the city and county of San Francisco, in the State of California. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United . Pm or Presidio States of America in Congress assembled, That all the right and title of wwvaiicn rv1in- the United States to the iollowing-described portion of the military · _0*° Sim reservation known as the Presidio, or Fort Point reservation, situated ° ”°in the city and county of San Francisco, State of California, be, and the same are hereby, relinquished to the said city and county, and its successors, assigns, and vendees, for the benefit of persons who, if the said land had not been reserved for public use, would have been entitled thereto `under the ordinances numbered eight hundred, of the city of San Francisco, ratified by act of the legislature of said State, approved on the twenty-seventh day of March, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, entitled "An act to confirm a certain order passed by the board of supervisors of the city of San Francisco," relating to these premises, Dpmiptm and being more particularly described as follows: Oommencing at the 'southeasterly corner of the said Presidio, or Fort Point reservation, ‘ and thence running in a direct line due north to the shore-line of the Bay of San Francisco; thence westerly along the said shore-line to a point eighty feet west of the easterly line of the said Presidio, or Fort Point reservation, as established by the United States authorities, said eighty ieet being relinquished for a public highway, or street, named Lyon street; thence southerly to a point on the southerly line of said reservation, where the west line of Lyon street intersects said line; _ thence easterly to the· point of commencement, to conform as near as Streets. possible to the plan of the city-map of streets of San Francisco outside of reservation, said plan being now on tile in the omce of the War Pmviso. Department of the city of Washington: Provided, That Lyon street shall be extended to the Bay of San Francisco eighty feet wide, and is Proviso. hereby dedicated for a public highway and street forever: Provided