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54; FOBTYFOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 101, 102, 103. 1876. May 19, 1876. CHAP. 101.-An act appropriatiug nine thousand dollars to pay the egrpenses of the ·——··—·······— Select Committee to investigate the Federal onices IH Lou1s1ana. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United. APP¤`°PTi¤·*l°¤· States of America in Congress assembled, That the sum of mne thousand ` dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, be, and the same_1s hereby, appropriated from any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise Expenses of ie. appropriated, to defray the expenses of .the Select Qoinmitteecharged ~ vemgutinx vqm- with the investigation of the Federal offices m Louisiana; said appro- “’“*"° °“ I·°“‘“" priation to be added to the contingent fund of the House. mm. ‘ Approved, May 19, 1876. - May 20, 1876. CHAP. 102.-An act to amend the act entitled "An act entitled ‘An act toeneoumge ———-———-————— the rowth of timber on western prar1es,"’ approved March tmrteenth, eighteen P ,,,, I, hundgred and seventy-four. _ ast, pp. oo, e9, . 4°"‘ Be it enacted by the Senate and House ofltepresentatttes of the United 1874, en. ss, States of America in Congress assembled, That section three of the act en- — 18 stet,21. titled **An act to amend the act entitled ‘An act to encourage the A¤¤*>¤d°d· growth of timber on the western prairies "’ is hereby amended by adding thereto the following further proviso: lgrotided, further, That whenever a party holding a claim under the provisions of this act, or whenever making tinal proof under the same, shall prove by two good and cred- TMS d¤¤¤‘<*>"<*<l ible witnesses that the trees planted and growing on said claim were by K'“““h°PP°"“· destroyed by grasshoppers during any one or more years while holding said claim, said year or years in which said trees were so destroyed shall _ not work any forfeiture of any of the rights or privileges conferred by _T*m° *°d izlmnt this act, and the time allowed by this act in which to plant the trees u°°° °xt°” ° ‘ and make final proof shall be ezgtended the same number of years as the trees planted on the said claim were destroyed in the manner specified in this section. Plautingefseeds, Sec. 2. That the planting of seeds, nuts, or cuttings shall be consid- {W-» 39 be d<*°¤¤°d ered a compliance with the provisions of the timber-culture act: Provided, °°f,Q(;;;2:"°‘ That such seeds, nuts, or cuttings of the kind and for the purpose con- ` templated in the original act shall be properly and well planted, the ground properly prepared and cultivated; and in case such seeds, nuts, or cuttings should not germinate and grow, or should be destroyed by the rlepredations of grasshoppers, or from other inevitable accident, · Roplantingpvlneu that the ground shall be replanted or the vacancies tilled within one ‘¤¤1¤iY¤§l- year from the first planting: Provided, further, That parties claiming P"°‘"“°· the benefit of the provisions of this act shall prove, by two good and _ PFU0f of f¤•¤*¤¤· credible witnesses, that the ground was properly prepared and planted in such seeds, nuts, or cuttings, and were so destroyed by inevitable _ accident in such year. Trees, etc., may Sec. 3. That it shall 'not be necessary to plant trees, seeds, nuts, or be planted in wpu- cuttings in one body, provided the several bodies, not exceeding four "“°° "°d"’“· _ in number, planted by measurement, aggregate the amount required and in the time required by the original and amended act. Approved, May 20, 1876. May 23, 1876. CHAP. 103.-—-An act relating to interments in the Congressional Cemetery. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Monuments to States of America in Congress assembled, That hereafter whenever any ?:::f°" C°“é·"““‘ deceased Senator or Member of the House of Representatives shall be actually interred in the Congressional Cemetery, so-called, it shall be the duty of the Sergeantat-Arms of the Senate, in the case of a Senator, and of the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Representatives, in the , when, and how case of a member of the House, to have a monument erected, of granite, erected; . with suitable inscriptions, and the cost of the same shall be a charge